DOPE OR NOPE? Why Photographing Your Outfit Every Day Will Make You WAY More Stylish

Are you on board with posting your outfits online, or do you think that is only for show-offs and bores? Join in: #xostyletrial!
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June 20, 2013
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I saw on Facebook the other day a friend had posted "Why do people keep putting up photos of what they're wearing?!?!?!?" before swiftly deleting it.

I am one of the worst offenders.

Ever since I joined the black hole of productivity that is Instagram about a year or so ago, I've probably posted hundreds of photos of my outfits on there -- along with the obligatory "Dinner With Mayfair Filter" and "New Things I've Bought, With XPro Filter" shots of course. It started at first as a little flirtation, a nervous foray after seeing that OTHER PEOPLE DID IT.

I love fashion. Big, bold prints and sparkles and pretty things are my thing. I am a complete magpie, so I began to follow people who regularly posted their outfits and would double tap my approval on them. After a while, I realized that I could share my ensembles in the same way, and so I did. It was easy.

The great thing about Instagram and Twitter is that you can end up having conversations with strangers at any time about things like your love for the shape of a button on a shirt, or a nail polish shade. You can share tips and tricks, tip people off on where to get that amazing dress you bought in the sale. I love it.

In a similar vein, a woman in the FeMail this week has written up a story about how she kept a visual diary for a month of what she wore and how she wore it in order to really find out what suits her and what doesn't. A month's worth of outfits are laid out side by side, for her to evaluate at the end of the month.

The writer seems very preoccupied by her age (53) which is a shame, as I think she looked fabulous in some of the outfits that she claimed made her look "mutton" and showed her "baggy knees." As a general concept though, I like the idea.

The comments -- surprisingly for the Mail -- are in the most part very kind, with the most up-voted comment being "She looks fantastic in the white dress and should let it out of the closet more often :)" about a dress that the author confessed she was "nervous" about wearing and only brave enough to wear as she'd lost weight. Hopefully the author will read back the best rated comments and feel confident in her style choices in the future.

Posting my outfits on the reg does leave me with a handy record of what clothes I have and what outfits I've loved, what outfits look AWFUL and should be BURNT IMMEDIATELY. I'll be scrolling through my photo gallery every now and again and suddenly be reminded of that necklace I'd forgotten about, that actually looked REALLY GOOD with an old top I'd chucked in a drawer.

I love that people can offer suggestions on how to make outfits work better for you -- like how xo's very own Marianne suggested adding a full crinoline skirt under a dress I posted up this week. BEST IDEA EVER -- and one that I wouldn't have come up with myself. I'm now scouting for a good full underskirt to go with it.

Posting changing room selfies also helps me decide on what to buy. Sometimes I'll be tempted by a dress or top, post it up and then be told quite rightly that actually, the shade doesn't quite suit my coloring, or that the shape isn't the best for me. ONLINE COMMUNITIES FTW! I probably would have bought this dress -- which would have cost me over a full day's work -- had it not been for the wise owls on Instagram pointing out that it was a bit "correctional facility."

Sometimes, I just want to show off. Yeah, it's true. I might have found an outfit that I feel great in, that I think makes me look pretty good, and I want to share it with the world. WORLD, HEAR ME ROAR! See also: bad hair days. You can look like shite from the neck up but MAN ALIVE your shoe and sock combo is ON POINT. Hit "share," baby.

Will you consider posting a month's worth of your outfits, so we can all get style inspiration and generally fawn over each other? Post photos with the hashtag #xostyletrial to join in.

So, tell me. Are you on board with this? Or do you think it's over-sharing? If you say you never do it I will STALK YOUR INSTAGRAM AND FIND PROOF THAT YOU'VE DONE IT TOO. Comment away!

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