I'm So Glad I Got Over My Aversion To White Jeans

I used to think white jeans were lame, too fancy and best suited to rich older women who hang out at yacht clubs (oh, and my dad).
Publish date:
June 4, 2014
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I’ve been pretty heavily against white denim for most of my life. Both my parents love wearing light coloured bottoms, and the image of my dad in tight white denim shorts one summer was enough to deter me for a few years. I thought white jeans were lame, too fancy, and best suited to rich older women who hang out at yacht clubs (oh, and my dad).

Over the past few months though, as my life becomes more and more saturated with desaturated colours, I found myself loving lighter and lighter shades of denim, and as my palette crept closer to white and bright for summer 2014, I finally accepted my fate: I really wanted cute white skinny jeans!

Once I’d come to terms with my newfound need for jeans the shade of printer paper, I started scouring the internet and local shops for the perfect pair. I decided on a pair of low-rise, super skinny jeans from Wildfox, one of my favourite brands, partially because they looked super cute on the model in the photo, but mostly because instead of calling the colour white, they called it “Coconut”, and I’m totally brainwashed by the tropical trend!

I’ll admit, when the pants actually arrived in the mail, I had a moment of total self doubt. How was I going to wear these? Where could I wear these?! I pulled them out of my drawer a few times, but always ended up changing and putting them away because I was so scared to get them dirty, or get caught in the rain and end up with my panties showing (the horror!) I started to worry I’d never wear them, but then, something amazing happened: I got over my weird white pants stigma, and just put them on!

Now that I’ve broken the ice with my new white pants, I like wearing them so much that I’m actually really sad that they’re in the laundry today (I wore them in NYC while on vacation and ended up with subway grunge and chocolate all over them!) True, they’re more complicated to care for than my regular old blue denim, but a pre-soak in my cute Laundress wash basin, and a spin in the washer with white-specific detergent gets them looking good as new (though I do recommend carrying a tide-to-go pen for emergency coffee and pasta spills!)

The thing I’ve come to love the most about white denim is its versatility. Before actually owning a pair, I thought white pants were best for nautical outfits and polo shirts, but now that I have added them to my ever-growing denim collection, I realize they’re just as wearable as black jeans. Seriously, no matter what your style, you can totally make room for white pants! Here’s how:

Nautical Casual

Throw on loafers and stripes for a classic preppy, sailing-school inspired white denim look. Navy, stripes, black and white are always a great combo, especially during summer! I like to accessorize with black items, like my wide brimmed hat and a vintage black belt to give the outfit some weight. Red lipstick is optional with an ensemble like this, but definitely encouraged.

Professional and Classy

I've been really into pairing my white jeans with peachy pieces, so for this outfit I sported my new peachy Seychelles heels, and a super washed out sheer peachy blouse. I topped it off with a black loose crepe blazer, and a Bauble Bar statement necklace (because at this point, I pretty much sport one every single day!)

Colourful and Fun

I'm all about colour this season, and I love layering on the pastels! White works perfectly with every shade, from deep jewel tones to milky pastels, which makes it an easy fit for your favourite bright looks! I built this outfit around my minty tank top, which is actually the top from a Wildfox PJ set, a piece of sleepwear I've been dying to wear out and about. I accessorized with Golden Ponies hologram sandals, a pink Ban.do mini purse, and my classic Levi's denim jacket, and voila, I looked like a mermaid!

Dark and Sexy

Dark isn't my strong suit, but I actually really love the contrast of white denim with black silk, leather, and lace. For this nighttime look, I chose black heeled booties (my go-to, in case you haven't noticed), a black silk shirt that I tucked in, a leather jacket, a black leather belt, and a chunky black textured purse. The result was sleek, sophisticated, and just a little bit sexy (if I do say so myself).

Suddenly craving snowy-white pants? Get a pair for yourself!

Time for you to weigh in: will you be rocking white denim anytime soon?