Do This Don’t: Wear Red And Pink Together (On A Day That’s Not Valentine’s)

Red and pink aren't supposed to mix but I really like the colors together and I think you will too.

I’ve loved wearing red since I watched "Moulin Rouge" at age 11 and saw Nicole Kidman in that floor length red gown. If you can’t relate to that, we might not make good friends.

Vibrant reds look good on nearly everyone. Seriously, picture someone who doesn’t look good in red. Can you? I can’t. There are certainly shades of red that are less flattering on certain skin tones, but I’ve been telling my friends and random strangers for YEARS that there is a red for everyone. Usually I’m referring to lipstick, but it works for clothing as well.

As with any gutsy color (which I think is anything non-neutral), there are some totally bogus “fashion rules” about how to wear red. Like, apparently you’re not supposed to wear red with pink? That’s a wack-ass rule from the same vanilla chickens who’d have you think you can’t wear black with brown, or mix patterns. Back to the hen house with you and your sensible loafers, yo!

A good pink can be just as difficult to pull off as red. Lots of us avoid pink (well, except Lorde and Baze) probably because it gets shoved down our lady gullets before we even emerge from our moms. Maybe ignoring pink clothing is the sartorial equivalent of every teen girl’s incessant bellyaching about how much she’s NOT like other girls!! Or maybe some folks genuinely dislike pink, which is believable because I have a strange aversion to mint. (Love the flavor, love the financial planning website, hate the color. Yuck.)

But red and pink together? Dare I say it? Oh, I do dare. I’ve got three outfits for you, that are perfect for three different occasions. Get ready.

This first look is perfect for running errands, a lunch date, or planning an elaborate meet-cute with the sexy stranger who just moved in next door.

I love this pink skirt I found at a thrift store a few years ago. The striped crop top helps keep me out of twee-60s territory, which is easy to slip into with full skirts like this. When mixing red and pink, wearing patterns can be helpful because it will help you ease into the look without looking like you’re color-blocking too hard.

It’s really important to make sure you’re wearing distinct colors. Hot pink can veer dangerously close to red. If it looks like you're trying to wear all one color but you’re just the slightest bit off, that will look way worse than two colors that are purposefully different. This bold red with a soft pink works really well.

Here are some outfit ideas for incorporating patterns into your pink and red ensemble.

It is possible, though, to wear brighter pinks with bold red. Here’s a sexy, formal look for your next wedding or oil change.

This dress (which everyone should buy right now) is very sexy and va-va-voom, which is why I love it. That said, sometimes you want to take things down just a small notch. This pink and red floral cardigan sweetens up the look a bit, and the red in the floral pattern ties the whole look together.

Here are some ideas for red and pink formal wear.

This final look is perfect for a casual date, dinner with friends, or eating gelato alone on a Tuesday afternoon.

Incorporating red accessories into a pink look, or vice versa, is an easy but eye catching way to wear the two colors. By keeping this look black on the bottom, all the attention goes to the way these colors look together. The gold belt buckle (on this belt I stole from my mom) acts as the “statement” piece. A pale pink, like this top, is pretty much a neutral so it goes really well with the red.

Here are some outfit ideas for accessorizing with pink and red.

Do y’all ever wear red and pink together, or any other color combinations that some bigwigs told you were a “NO”? Let me know in the comments, and show me your favorite red and/or pink outfits.