DO THIS DON’T: Wear Head-To-Toe Pastels

Easter egg shades are totally neutrals, right?
Publish date:
March 3, 2014
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In case you haven’t already noticed, I love my pastels.

In addition to the pink (or other pastel shade) hair, I also seem to prefer pastel-colored foods and housewares, and even named my blog Random Acts of Pastel. But as much as I love whipping up a batch of baby pink icing, or adding a drop of purple Manic Panic to my conditioner, I love dressing up like an Easter egg the most.

Personally, I think pastels are often washed out enough that they can be considered neutrals. I love to layer shades of cotton candy with lavender and mint, topping it all off with my cream wool coat, a garment that will never fail to remind me of marshmallows. Pastel also goes remarkably well with sequins, glitter, and iridescent pieces, in case you’re going for that magical creature look.

My personal preferences aside, pastel is one of the biggest trends this season. Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu, Rebecca Taylor, and almost every other designer included pastels in their collection, often covering models from head to toe in their favorite powdery shades.

Off the runway though, fashion authorities will often prescribe a more mixed look, suggesting us real-life people add a pop of pastel to a flattering, predominantly neutral outfit. But I say, why not wear them all at once? I mean, does every outfit in the world really need a dark color to anchor it down? No!

Here are some of my favorite pastel outfits:

This is one of my favourite casual cozy outfits. I like how light and fluffy I feel when I mix mint and purple, like a matcha or taro bubble tea. My shoes here are also iridescent by the way -- it's my new favourite neutral for shoes, bags and belts.

Sticking to the same color family but adding a pattern can help you avoid looking like a weird collection of paint chips (though that can look amazing, too!). In this case, I went for an all baby pink look, but broke it up with the yellow-and-pink floral skirt.

Delicate florals are perfect for spring, but why not try them on something unexpected like a pair of jeans? The matching flower crown is optional, but recommended!

Again, powdery pastel denim can be a great way to introduce more light hues into your everyday wardrobe. I love mixing mine with sheer tops and statement socks.

Sometimes when sporting pastel you just have to get over-the-top girly, and that’s exactly what’s happening here. I’ve paired my lace sleeved dress (the lace is tiny bows if you look closely) with peachy-pink knee socks, a homemade star crown and mint green oxfords.

Ready to shop for some soft, powdery pastels? I’ve got you covered!