8 Reasons to Wear a Petticoat (Even If You're Curvy)

Petticoats are soft and fluffy and amazing. What’s not to love?
Publish date:
August 26, 2013

You know how I'm obsessed with pill-box hats and nighties? You're probably NOT suprrised to hear that I'm also into anything resembling a petticoat, tutu or obscenely fluffy skirt.

I've always admired crinolines from afar, whether in movies or on bloggers, but I didn’t take the plunge until moving to NYC. I spotted one at the flea market for a mere $20. It was a small poof of a petticoat, but it suited my needs. Since then, I’ve acquired a bit of a collection. I stacked all my petticoats onto a body form so you could peek at the amount of poofiness in my life. That's five total (two pink!).

One day, as I proudly put on a petticoat, my mom asked me why I “would want to look bigger.” We have very similar figures, but very different style. Her personal style never fails to flatter, while I love a good A-line cut or a hip-hugging pencil skirt. Of course my favorite part about an A-line is that there’s room for a petticoat!I

I get that she was still trying to help me bring the boys to the yard, but first and foremost, I dress for myself. (Although it is nice that I have a boyfriend who loves when I dress in petticoats and pill box hats.)

In my eyes, petticoats will always be a do and no one can tell me otherwise. Here are all the reasons I love them so much.

1. They make me really happy.

I’m all about “If it makes you happy, wear it.” Petticoats are soft and fluffy and amazing. What’s not to love?

2. They make me feel polished and put-together.

I feel like a petticoat adds an extra oomph to an otherwise ordinary ensemble. I definitely feel more grown up and put-together. Add my Ferragamo heels and I feel very much like a lady.

3. They make me feel like I’m going to a sock hop.

If I pair my petticoats with saddle shoes and a bouffant, I feel like a regular ole teenager ready to sock hop the night away. I know it’s costume-y, but I always feel right at home in my sock-hop get-up.

4. They makes my waist look smaller.

Contrary to my mom’s opinion, a petticoat can bring attention to your waist. Although the skirt creates volume below, by creating different proportions, It emphasizes your waist and disguises your hips.

5. They're fun for photo shoots

For the day-to-day, I mostly wear my smaller petticoat. I save the larger ones for fun photo shoots or special events. As much as I love them, the larger ruffles can sometimes overpower my silhouette. I’m all about flats, but you need heels to balance the proportions of a larger petticoat.

6. They look pretty when they blow in the wind.

Yay wind! I also never mind when my petticoat peeks out from underneath my skirt.

7. They provide a soft landing.

In general, I’m pretty klutzy. The other day, I went roller-skating for the first time in years. I wore my fluffiest petticoat and my first thought was, “Well, if I fall, at least I’ll land in a pile of pink fluffy clouds,” which was very comforting.

8. They provide a comfy place to fall asleep.

Zzzzzz.... Just kidding! This is a photo comes from a short film I did involving cupcakes, balloons and, of course, petticoats. It was basically the twee-est of all twee things. More or less, I will stick a petticoat anywhere I possibly can.

There’s literally no room in my closet for my array of petticoats, so I squish them all together on the top shelf next to my bed. Let’s just say that it’s not uncommon for me to be woken up by a massive ball of crinoline falling on my face. I don’t mind too much, though.

If you’re in the market for a petticoat of your own, keep an eye out while thrifting, browse through Amazon or splurge on a luxurious version a la Doris Designs. Need help with length? Solanah of Vixen Vintage has an amazing how-to guide for petticoat to skirt ratios. If you know of any online stores, definitely let me know in the comments!