Do This Don’t: Mismatch Your Earrings

Are mismatched jewels tacky and cheap, or the perfect way to get your orphaned jewelry back out on the town?
Publish date:
March 4, 2014
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I’m not one to lose things, but when I do, it really eats me up. I get sad -- really sad -- and spend a long time going over every single step and dreaming up every magical “I found it” scenario I can. I hate losing socks in the dryer, cute hair clips and nail polishes, but most of all, I hate losing jewelry. Especially when that jewelry is one, single earring.

Really, is there anything worse than that feeling? You reach up and touch your ear only to find it barren, or worse, feel a dangly earring rip out on a tight sweater, but it’s nowhere to be found when you scour the surrounding area? I truly loathe those moments, and as a sort of coping mechanism, I often refuse to admit the jewelry in question is actually lost. I tell myself it will pop up sometime in the future, and carefully hoard away the now orphaned other earring.

Over time, my collection of single earrings (or orphans as I call them) has grown. I’ve even adopted a few from my grandmother’s earring collections. (I suppose it runs in the family?) I tell myself that I’ll melt them all down one day and make new jewelry, or better yet, find the other half of the set for sale in a thrift shop or at the bottom of my drawer. The odds are always against me, but when it comes to magic and such, I’m generally optimistic.

But then a different sort of hope appeared. People all around me started wearing mismatched earrings. Call me old fashioned, but at first I thought this was sort of strange. Earrings are sold as pairs, so they should be worn as pairs right? I’ve never really been the mix and match sort, but something about the look stuck with me. It was actually really cute! Then, something even crazier happened:

I started seeing earrings sold in mismatched pairs. Maybe it was the ear cuff trend that had thrown everything off balance, or a newfound worldwide disdain for symmetry, but either way it was clear: orphans were in! I quickly consulted my lonely earring treasure chest and started mixing up new combos. Here are some of my current favourites:

Don’t have any orphans on hand? Don’t worry, you can always buy a mismatched pair (or two!):