Do This Don't: Wear Your Pajamas Outside

I call this lazy-chic. (No, I don't.)
Publish date:
May 26, 2011
Forever 21, pajamas, do this don't, ryan gosling

First things first. I am in no way condoning the practice of certain college girls (and college-in-their-minds-forever girls) that wear their butt-emblazoned sweat pants or Hello Kitty pajama pants and flip flops to class/the world. I will never understand those girls. (Especially at my school where they often arrived with full faces of makeup and perfectly curled hair to an 8 a.m. class, but I guess that's why they didn't have time to change out of their sleeping gear AND another story.)What I'm talking about is fancy silk pajamas. The kind that you wear when you live in a hotel or you are in the past. I first got into the pajamamobile in 2009, spurred in part by Dolce & Gabbana'sspring collection. But it was this picture of Ryan Gosling at Cannes last week that brought it all back around again.

So, two years ago I went on a search for cheap "silk" pajamas. I found this blue set at Forever 21. When experimenting with a new trend, I like to spend the least amount of money possible. For some reason the classic set with the contrasting trim is really hard to find online, Nordstrom came really close, but no cigar. If you know where to get them, you should tell me.

I wear the shirt way more often than the shorts (I really wish the set came with long pants instead) and my trick is to always pair it with more structured things that someone would very obviously not sleep in. I like wearing it with high-waisted jeans because it's the perfect combination of "comfortable things" and "things that I need to get out off NOW."

The same thing goes for the bottoms, although I think it's harder to pull the bottoms off (heh heh). When it comes to shirts, I'll sleep in anything, so no matter what I pair it with I feel like I'm ready to go to bed! In the end though, by doing lots of layers and keeping the color palette in the same family, I think I got it. The satin shoes were a deciding factor, but it may be because all my other shoes are black.

Would you rock the silk pajama look or do you think it's a snooze? (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)