DO THIS DON'T: Wear a Sheer Shirt To Work

As someone with zero curves, I've always been down with visible nipples, tops cut past the sternum and tiny shorts.
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January 19, 2012
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Yesterday I knew I wouldn't have the chance to stop home after work before going out that night, so I wore this completely see-through, sparkly Isabel Marant top with a tuxedo jacket. In real life the nude bra underneath wasn't visible, so I sort of looked topless, albeit glittery. Like a figure skater.

I went the whole day in my sheer shirt without a second look from anyone, Jane even called a super-formal staff meeting, and nobody noticed. I was in the clear until the office started emptying out for the day, and Emily came over to my desk to talk.

She totally called me out on my see-through top, and even had Eric and Cat weigh in. Eric was all "This is the fashion industry," and Cat was braless in a paper-thin vintage tee, so she didn't have much to say about my shirt either.

As someone with zero curves, I've always been down with visible nipples, tops cut past the clavicle, tiny shorts and, yes, sheer tops. To me, these things just don't look overtly sexual without a womanly body. With that said, I would never wear any of the above to work. I thought that my sparkly top passed the test because it has a relatively conservative crew neck and long sleeves.

Some of my favorite tops are semi-sheer, like Kain tanks and Equipment button-downs. In my opinion, these options are totally safe for work when paired with a structured jacket or layered under a sweater.

Kain Label Pocket Tank, $80. Equipment Signature Blouse, $146.

You could always layer a nude cami under either of these options, but I never do, since adding another top ruins the way your see-through one naturally hangs. It also defeats the purpose of wearing a sheer shirt.

Would this sort of look pass in your workplace, or would it call for a stern email from HR? I've never worked outside of the fashion and beauty world, so I'm curious. Also, what's the most scandalous thing you've ever worn to work, and did you get in trouble? Tell me!

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