Do This Don't: Wear 5-Inch Platforms When You're 5'10

Must we tall women stay on the ground?
Publish date:
August 12, 2011
shoes, platforms, tall women

I'm 6'3, bitches!

I usually keep it in the 2-inch range, because I worry that the percentage of gray matter that it takes to intently focus on walking without falling down could otherwise have been inventing the next Billy Bob Teeth or iPhone fart app that would make me and the future hubs millionaires. Seriously, that guy who invented Billy Bob Teeth is a millionaire. It just takes one good idea, people.

But it's hard for me to cotton to tired old rules that prescribe a bland diet of flats and kitten heels to tall ladies. Keep your laws off my body!

Do any of you other Amazon women wear high high heels? Do you worry about being mistaken for a man in a dress, or do you feel, as I do, that men in dresses are usually exceptionally attractive?