DO THIS DON’T: Alcohol-Monitoring Ankle Bracelet Device In Tha Club!

Sexy sexy sexy! Ooh, just think of the attention you’d get!
Publish date:
August 19, 2011
alcoholism, accessories, do this don't, reza nader

WELL. I LOVE attention – whatever! I know, I know; it can totally get you in trouble. Especially when -- as is so often the case with emotionally unhealthy people -- getting NEGATIVE attention is way preferable to getting none at all!

But whatever. This alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet device looks f-ing chic! Better still, this photograph was taken at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. My buddy, the photographer Reza Nader (a.k.a. the Arab Parrot [awesome site sooo NSFW] -- whose work was last seen on here) took it, so I know for a fact.

Isn't it killer? I know.

The Roosevelt is where all of the most glamorously dysfunctional people in LA go to party at least once a week. Have you ever been? The hotel is famous for a few things, most notably the nightclub Teddy’s and the swimming pool, which features an almost unbearably chic underwater mural by the painter David Hockney:

…which is basically a nightclub at all times, even when it is not night outside.

Trust me, I’ve stayed there -- in a room poolside, for WORK, which didn’t make any sense at all -- and I didn’t have any guy in LA at the time to call up and bone or friends there to party with or anything. It was a TOTAL waste and I was le miz the whole time.

Mainly I was jealous of the people in the rooms around me, who were all sexy teens straight out of a Bret Easton Ellis short story or something, doing blow all night and sobbing about their trainwreck teen relationships in the bathrooms to one another. Yes, the walls are très thin at the Roosevelt.

Anyway, back to the anklet thing. HOTNESS! Bitch is rocking it and when your life is so screwed up that you’ve got the courts strapped to your body to make sure you don’t booze it up, there is simply no other way. I love a party girl. Love this. You?