Dispatches from the MOM SET: We Are Too Old To Wear Whaaaat?

This is where I get cranky and start yelling "Get The Hell Off My Lawn."
Publish date:
September 7, 2011
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Yesterday, a few comments were made in Lesley's Chicken Hair post about how women of a certain age, who have children, who live in suburbia, should not be "allowed" to enjoy certain fashion trends because they are of a certain age, have children, and live in suburbia.

Well, I'm 41, I have pushed children out of my vagina, and I live in a suburb. And I will wear whatever the hell I want.

Don't you guys know Ruth Flowers?

You don't?

You, the 22-year-old, living in your $675 studio apartment with your Topshop blouse and your ramen noodles coagulating in the sink and your shiny, brand-new ovaries don't know Ruth Flowers?!

She is 70 years old. And she has more style than any of us.

Then we have this other lady. Her name is Carmen Dell'orefice. She is one of the most gorgeous women in the world. And she is 80.

A virtual teenager compared to the above, there is that lady who IS this website. She is 49. You may have heard of her. Her name is Jane Pratt.

Now I could make you a laundry list of all the ladies age 40 and above who are gorgeous, stylish, who set trends rather than follow them, who basically decide what YOU wear on a daily basis.

Hello age 61 Anna Wintour!

Now sure, there is a big difference between Anna and a 45 year old mom who doesn't edit Vogue Magazine, but I'm here to tell you that life goes by very quickly. Before you know it, you will also be of a certain age. I don't think you will enjoy people telling you what is appropriate to wear at THAT age either.

I believe there are certain things no woman of any age should wear in public. Unless they are on their way to the ER.

Midriff tops. T-shirts with pudding stains on them. Low-rise pants that show your underwear. Thongs with no pants. A T-shirt that says "I Heart Rape."

Tacky can happen at any age. Good taste is timeless. Fashion is fleeting but style is forever.

I'm 41. I don't have pudding on my shirt.