Meet The Haute Couture Pajama Jean

The concept is ridiculous -- but the execution is perfect.
Publish date:
February 17, 2014
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If you are looking for the very best denim jeans money can buy, stop reading this stupid drivel and take yourself directly to the nearest vendor that sells Rag & Bone skinny jeans. I got a pair for free on a show I did back in May, and I’ve worn them at least 3x/week ever since.

They are ridiculously expensive but have the perfect amount of stretch, the perfect pocket placement for maximum butt appeal and don’t stretch out at the knee and get all ugly and baggy. Rag & Bone also makes the bulk of their products in the U.S. -- and I clearly could not love them more.

But if you are looking for something a little more casual and forgiving, I'd suggest checking out this pair of stretchy denim-look leggings -- which I am officially dubbing "The Couture Pajama Jean." (Just don't tell any Parisian couturiers I said so -- the term "Haute Couture" is actually protected by French law!)

While I love the Rag & Bones, I don’t love the sensation of the button and zipper digging into my flesh by about hour six of wearing. I also live a very specific lifestyle which demands that my daytime wardrobe be presentable -- yet able to seamlessly segue into sleepwear at any given moment.

When you’re wearing regular denim jeans, this isn’t a possibility. With these leggings? No problem. You can read, do drugs, write or play Pet Rescue Saga until your eyes are almost all the way closed -- then nod right off in whatever you happen to be wearing. They totally do the trick, all the while fooling people into thinking you're wearing regular jeans.

They are made by Ruby Ribbon, a line of garments that bill themselves as having "shapewear built right in." I am pretty staunchly anti-shapewear, as 1) WHO CARES and 2) it’s usually uncomfortable as hell -- but these particular leggings just felt like an unusually sturdy pair of leggings that happened to have pockets and be devoid of any and all sheerness. That's the main thing that makes these leggings worth the scratch -- you really can wear them as pants.

The other thing that makes them very pant-like is also the most important. They have a substantial seam (just like on regular jeans) that runs right through the crotch -- banishing camel toe syndrome forever. I thought the fitted spandex band waistband (which they somewhat gag-worthily refer to as the "Skinny Band") was kind of pointless at first, but it actually feels very secure, like you're getting the support benefit of an old-timey corset without the pain, suffering and crushed ribs.

Ruby Ribbon sells their wares two ways -- both direct on their website and at home-based parties, one of my least favorite events on earth. Inviting someone to your house to spend money is not a party, even if cheese and crackers are involved!

I'm glad they have the online option, because after being pleasantly surprised by the leggings, I'm considering one of these camisoles that they claim you don’t have to wear a bra with! (Going bra-less is another important cornerstone of my sleep-in-your-work-clothes lifestyle.)

I washed my fancy pajama jean leggings in cold water and hung them up to dry. They still look great and have zero color loss. My verdict? Well worth the money, indeed.

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