8 Things I Bought or Thought About Buying This Week: From the Death Flu to A Cupcake Dress

Can you tell from all this food-themed clothing that I didn't eat for like 5 days?
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November 1, 2013
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It's been a rough couple of weeks for me, ya'll. I went out on Tuesday night and come Friday afternoon I was still wearing the same dress (now underneath a giant robe) because I was too weak and sick to take it off. Or make it from my bedroom to any other room of the house. I basically just laid there like a helpless overturned beetle without any juice or television or soup other than the BUBBLING CAULDRON OF THE HUMAN MISERY I WAS NOW STEWING IN.

So I didn't actually think about buying anything last week except perhaps a gun to put me out of my misery and that is not an exaggeration of how much I didn't want to feel the way I was feeling anymore. Like, I reached levels of "I would rather jump off a building than continue to feel this sick." Have you been there?

So, uh, here's some stuff I bought before that.

1. Forever 21 Plus Sweet Cat Sweatshirt, $19.80

I know this is now the second Forever 21 cat sweatshirt/sweater I've tried to foist upon you and I'm not sorry, because look at it! And while you're peeping in your local F21, there's also this:

2. Forever 21 Oversized Donut Sweatshirt, $22.80

I'm a size 14-ish and this is from the straight sizes and it fits great. When they label something "oversize" online, that's a pretty good indication it's gonna fit us cuspers.

3. Modcloth My Kind of Gallop Dress in Cupcakes, $52.99

As soon as I got better, I ordered this cupcake dress. I can't imagine it's going to be flattering, but I'll keep you posted. Can you tell from all this food-themed clothing that I didn't eat for like 5 days? Really the only good part of having the death flu is thinking about how thin you're probably getting. And yes that is a real thought I had and wrote down and here's another really gross shallow one that regularly flits through my brain: "Am I wasting my youthful-looking forehead by having bangs?" Hate me if you want, you can never do it as good as I can. I've been practicing for so very long.

(And if you like food dresses, callback to this hot dog-burger-ice-cream-bacon-god-popcorn-god-knows-what-else monstrosity I also own.)

4. Petals and Peacocks, No New Friends Tank, $48

I didn't buy this one, but I just think it's cute. Because really, who has time to fully service the friends they've already got? Like, sometimes Rachel McPadden sends me these elaborate care packages with cute things DIY-ed things for my baby or old clothes she thinks I might want and one time commenter Cara Mia Kelly sent me a whole selection of her favorite red lipsticks and WHO HAS THE TIME TO BE THIS GOOD OF A FRIEND? I can't even get it together to send people thank you notes. I haven't thanked people for my college graduation presents.

I want to be a friend who knits booties for your new baby and hand-delivers them with a casserole or whatever. Is this even a kind of person you can become or do you just have to be born that way?

Also this seems like a nod to those dudes who don't want to have a romantic relationship with you but "let's totally be friends." (AND BANG OBVS.) When I want that kind of friend I'll ask for him, thanks.

5. UNIF X UO MA-1 Whatever Bomber Jacket, $199

I didn't buy this either. It's kind of expensive. But I love it. It sort of goes along with my "Whatever Forever" iPhone case as designed by the incredible artist and weirdoSara M Lyons.

You can get that same print on stationery, tank tops, T-shirts, throw pillows, and other what-have-yous here.

6. Merona Women's Ponte Dress Navy, $29.99

Bought it, loved it, runs a little big I think.

7. Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour in Mod, $24

I learned it from watching you, magazines! I saw this shade that Claire Danes wore at I think The Emmys? Or The Golden Globes and went out and bought it and it's just an awesome matte coral-red.

8. Davines Alchemic Shampoo and Conditioner in Red, $20.80 and $24.23 respectively

And speaking of red, I've been trying to transition into more of an auburn for fall and have enlisted these Davines color-depositing shampoo and conditioner in my efforts. (More on this hair transformation later.) Everything Davines makes is awesome, and I especially love their color-depositing products, which also come in Golden, Tobacco, Copper and Chocolate to name a few. Results below:

That's all my regular old flat boring lifeless hair BTW, no more extensions for now because Mommy's broke. But at least it's looking healthier than it did after Jane made me go blonde that time. What did you buy or dream about buying this week?