Daisies Are Having A Moment Again

No other flower has street-cred this good. (And we can thank Drew for that.)
Publish date:
July 11, 2011
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Perhaps as a result of all the 90's nostalgia going around, daisies are making a comeback as the coolest flower in all the land. Back then Drew Barrymore had the market cornered. She wore them in her hair, and sometimes they strategically covered her parts in one photo shoot or another. We all wanted to be like Drew, so carefree and fun, and off we went in search of the white flower that would magically make us cool.

BIRD Sunny Daisy Boxy Tee $29, Urban Outfitters

And now we can relive all those moments again! -- or maybe just for the first time -- with an entire daisy wardrobe. A cropped boxy shirt with a bold graphic is perfect for the hot summer days ahead, especially when you pair it with your favorite holey jeans and maybe some Dr. Martens (in the spirit of things and whatnot).

Mustard Daisy Print Wide Leg Trousers

$90, Topshop

Or if you're feeling very inspired maybe you pair the daisy shirt with daisy print wide leg pants. Wide leg pants are tricky for sure, but if you get them to hang off your hips "just so" and pair them with an easy flat sandal or maybe even your favorite beat-up Converse sneakers, you might really be starting something. If the daisy-on-daisy effect is giving you a headache, why not rock a couple layered spaghetti-strap tank tops? (Contrasting bra optional).

Daisy Scoop Dress by LOVE $76, Topshop

Perhaps you're saving your newfound daisy love for special occasions with an all-over printed dress. Layer a bunch of jangly necklaces around your neck and maybe put a couple fresh flowers in your hair. This is the summer of love after all (according to me, anyway) so the peace and love vibes are even more appropriate. But really, when is peace and love NOT appropriate? Exactly.

Alex Monroe Daisy 22 Karat Gold & Silver Plated Ring $225 and 22 Karat Gold-Plated Daisy Stud Earrings $175, Net-a-PorterDaisy Long Pendant $17.24, ASOS

If you're not ready to turn your wardrobe into a 90's garden then jewelry's the best way to dipping your toe in the trend-water without having to drink it all (what the hell kinda comparison is that?). I love the fancy pieces by Alex Monroe, especially the ring, because of their simple design. But if you're craving a lil' daisy without the lifetime commitment of gold and silver, the long pendant from ASOS might be the perfect way to bring some daisy sunshine into your life.