Novelty Socks That Don't Suck, PLUS a Bonus Pair of Crazy-Cute Tights

You've got some cold-ass feet, lady. Here's what to cover 'em with.
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October 27, 2011
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We Angelenos are spoiled rotten, weather-wise, and only recently has a cold snap (don't laugh!) set in, causing most of us to tuck away the sandals and break out the boots. It's 54 degrees as I type this, and I'm f-f-freezing!

OK, I know that's a completely lame excuse for a cold snap, but the point is I NEED SOCKS and I figure a lot of you do, too. So I've rounded up my favorite non-boring sock selections for you to check out. Here we go!

ASHI-DASHI INTESTINE SOCKS ($12, Quite possibly my favorite socks in the bunch, I actually bought a pair of these over the summer at the Renegade Craft Fair. What can I say? I love wearing cartoonish depictions of body parts ON my body parts. Be sure to check out all of Ashi Dashi's offerings -- I also like their raw meat, No. 2 pencil, and woodgrain socks.

WHALE & SHIP ($8, If you are a Moby Dick superfan, these are the knee-highs for you. I am picturing these on librarians and English majors, but that's not a requirement or anything. If you wore these with pants it would be cool to know that even though the world at large will only see a soothing sliver of blue at your ankles, your upper shins are a hotbed of aquatic intrigue.

SQUARE 01 ($12, A playful graphic print with a color scheme that reminds me of licorice allsorts for some reason. I'm into it. They carry a bunch of rad designs in unexpected colorways. Like basics with a PUNCH of extra fun.

ACORN KNEE SOCKS ($7.75, I've already told you how I'm hot for giant pinecones, but I'm also an acorn lover from way back. Basically, I'm drawn to anything that reminds me of woodland creatures or items an elf might use as home décor. I like these socks because red and aqua is one of my favorite color combos, but also because they remind me of my favorite acorn, whose name is Smiler.

I found Smiler while taking a walk in Seattle with my husband. I brought Smiler home, drew a face on him and have kept him for TWELVE YEARS. He is currently residing in a box on my bedside table, next to an emery board, countless hair elastics, some earplugs and a tube of hand lotion. Here he is pictured next to a dime, for scale:

Lastly, I wanted to show you guys these adorable polka-dot tights I came across that reminded me of Emily, and which would look great on her mega-long legs. Posting this might make me an enabler, since she has that polka-dot problem and all, but they're so cute I don't care!

I kind of can't believe I just told you guys about Smiler. THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU PEOPLE!!!