You Need Matching Pajama Sets for Every Night of the Week, I Assure You

Seriously, is there a better gift to get in the middle of winter than a pair of cute, warm pajamas?
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January 21, 2015
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I am not the kind of person who can sleep in the nude. I need to wear something in bed to feel comfortable, and for years, that something was a massive, ratty T-shirt emblazoned with “Soup R’ Crackers” (a joke that only Party Down fans would understand, ensuring that nobody ever understood this T-shirt).

Then I started watching New Girl and quickly noticed how often Zooey Deschanel wears cute pajama sets on the show. I’m pretty sure Zooey’s giant doe eyes brainwashed me into needing my own pajama-set collection.

(Basically, my nighttime attire changes based on the shows that I’m currently watching. When I was into Scandal, I wore a lot of oversize white cardigans while drinking red wine. You can probably imagine why I gave that up pretty quickly.)

In 2013, I got a polka-dotted pajama set from Target for Christmas and wore it all winter. As you can probably see below, it’s so worn now that the half the polka dots have turned greenish instead of gold or faded away entirely.

Luckily, I got a new pair of pajamas — the Nick & Nora Owl Pajamas from Target — this past Christmas. Seriously, is there a better gift to get in the winter than a pair of cute, warm pajamas?

I really love these, but unfortunately, this has only sparked a desire for MORE cute pajama sets. If I could have a pajama set for every night of the week, these are the ones I would pick.


Target always has tons of cute, affordable pajama options. It seems like my owl pajamas are sold out, but they still have these Nick & Nora Champagne pajamas. New Year's Eve might be over, but these are a pretty good option if you need something comfy to wear while sipping champagne and watching the Oscars.


There’s nothing like donning an adorable pair of cat-covered pajamas to help you recover from a long Monday. (These PJ Salvage Pajamas also come in a plus-size option.)


If cats aren’t your jam, how about dogs wearing glasses? Yeah, I thought so.


These silk pajamas are ridiculously expensive, but I adore them anyway. I’m all about black and white stripes and the shorts-plus-long-sleeves combo is perfect in my opinion. My legs are always getting too hot under the covers while my arms, on the other hand, need to be covered up all night long.

Victoria's Secret Cotton Mayfair Boxer Pajamas accomplish the same task but for only $40 — you know, in case you don't have $400 lying around in your pajama budget.


These are for those of you who aren’t into buttoning up for bedtime. The silky cami is definitely on the sexier side. Best of all, you have your choice of matching shorts or pants — and there’s even a matching robe.

Victoria's Secret Afterhours Satin Pajamas are for those who’d like their Friday night pajamas to be a little more . . . sleepover-friendly. All of the prints, especially the jade romantic floral print and the stars print, are gorgeous. I also like that Victoria’s Secret pajamas come in short, regular, and long.


I’m going to finish with what will probably be a divisive pick. I feel like these pajamas, with their combination of plaid and leopard print, are a love-them-or-hate-them item. Personally, I love them. With the plaid and the crest, I’d feel like a particularly kooky Hogwarts professor in these, and I’d probably end up wearing the top out to brunch on Sunday morning with black skinny jeans and a blazer.

Even if you’re not into pajamas for yourself, don’t forget that they always make a great gift, especially around this time of year. A basket with a cute pajama set, some warm socks, and maybe some DVDs and wine or tea is basically my ideal gift, especially when I'm sick or feeling the winter blues.

How do you feel about matching pajama sets? What do you like to wear to bed?

Photos by Joshua Kirby