Party like a Feline Enchantress in This $28 Leopard-Print Dress

Cheap + leopard print + movie monsters = awesome.
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November 7, 2013
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As if spending three sweaty, mouth breathing days in the dead of summer at San Diego Comic Con earlier this year wasn't enough, I somehow found myself dragged Stan Lee's ComicKaze Expo last weekend -- LA's answer to the juggernaut that SDCC has become.

I actually had a great time -- the crowds were smaller, the weather was cooler, and there weren't great piles of human beings sleeping in line on the sidewalk for two straight nights just to be the first soul in Hall H to see the Marvel panel.

It was also far less commercialized -- I didn't see any major TV network/movie studio presence there at all, which was refreshing. ComicKaze has more of an old school monster movie/video game edge to it -- and as far as I'm concerned, those are two great tastes that taste great together. I MEAN COME ON, A REPLICA OF THE MUNSTER KOACH WAS THERE. (The Munsters > The Addams Family any day.)

There was also a mini vintage video game museum, complete with a 1980s style living room Atari setup! (Sadly there was no Tempest cartridge, or I would have taken up residence on that scratchy floral velvet sofa for HOURS.)

I know your next question is "Alison, what on earth did you wear to this glorious event?" Duh, I wore this cute $28 leopard print number I got last week at Target. (You know, it's the old "go in for dish soap and leave with a dress" scenario.)

And here is the dress in action, partying with a giant mouse.

That mouse is actually a crazy talented artist named JJ Villard. He and my dude Tommy are the brains behind Adult Swim's King Star King, debuting next June. I like to describe the show to people as 'He-Man on battery acid.' So if you decide to watch, don't say I didn't warn you.

But back to the dress -- it was a pretty stellar purchase for many reasons. I'll enumerate them here for your pleasure:


Yes, that fact deserves all caps. I swear one day I'm going to run for president on an "all dresses must have pockets" platform and win by a landslide.

Let me clarify even further here and state that the pockets are useful pockets -- like deep enough to put your phone in without it falling out. (I know this is the type of hard-hitting investigative reporting you have come to expect from me.)

2) It's long enough

Remember in school when the principal would determine if your dress was too short by applying the 'fingertip length' rule? I use that rule to this day, and this dress passes the test. You can (carefully) bend over without flashing the entire world. (For the record, I am 5ft 8" tall with really long legs.)

3) You can wear a bra with it

This dress has cute sheer lace insets at each shoulder -- but they are actually in the right place! You can wear any bra you want without the straps showing.

4)It doesn't wrinkle

Well duh, it's polyester. I took a 2-hour nap in this dress before jumping up to go out and was no worse for the wear.

5)It has bell sleeves

There isn't much on earth as enticing as a feline femme fatale gesturing towards something with bell sleeves. Instant drama!

6)It also comes in black

As should all dresses, really. This might be the next issue I tackle as president, right after the constitutional amendment about pockets.

I of course wore this dress with cowboy boots and a moto jacket because I am a one-trick pony, but some fringe-y earrings, a buckled boot, distressed denim jacket and whimsical tote would have been perfect styling for traipsing around a convention center all day long. (And heading straight out to dinner afterwards!)

leopard at the expo by alison-freer (click anywhere for purchase info)

If you buy this dress in black, amp up the drama with some hot pink soled Creepers, swishy tassel earrings and a fair-trade embroidered tote bag made by Mayan artisans.

black at the expo by alison-freer (click anywhere for purchase info)

This lovely wisp of a dress comes in junior's sizes XS (1) to XXL (19). At $27.99, what's not to love, kitty kats?

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