Build Your Own Customized Wardrobe With Bow and Drape

Ever wish you didn’t have to buy the exact mass-produced things as everyone else? With Bow and Drape’s clothing line, you don’t!
Publish date:
August 5, 2014
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As a child of Generation Me, I hate looking like everybody else. True to my birth year, I have always been determined to stand out and feel special, especially when it comes to my clothing. The only problem is, in the current retail climate, that can be easier said than done. Every time I think I’ve found something special in a shop, I inevitably run into someone wearing the same thing, and though I’ve moved most of my shopping online to avoid this predicament, I still crave something truly unique. I guess all along, I was craving Bow and Drape.

Bow and Drape is a wonderful clothing line based out of and manufactured in New York City, and they make everything from dresses to printed baseball caps. Not only is the clothing from this brand ethical, it’s high quality, beautifully designed, and fairly priced. The best part? Every single thing on the Bow and Drape site is customizable!

For creative people with horrible DIY skills, this company is sort of a dream come true. You can change everything from hem lengths to sleeve styles on almost every item, and adorable new pieces are constantly being added to the menu. Best of all, you can add the greatest little touches, like vintage-inspired sequin appliqués, lettering, beading and embroidery. Keep it simple, or get creative and have some fun (like I did with my order): either way, it’s in your hands!

Need some inspiration? Here’s what I did with the items I ordered a few weeks ago:

Though I’m super happy with everything I received, I’ve already started a new wish list on the Bow and Drape site! Here are some of my absolute favourites:

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