Print All Over Me — The Brand That Lets You Wear Your Favorite Art

This awesome online company takes "wearable art" to a whole new, totally accessible level.
Publish date:
January 29, 2015

Ever wish you could turn your favorite artist's work into a piece of clothing that you can wear out and about? I mean, I know it's a stretch, but how cool would it be to take that painting down the street at a local gallery and see it transformed into an all over print jacket, sweatshirt, or skirt?

Personally I've always been interested in the idea of interpreting fashion as a sort of wearable art, a way of expressing yourself that needs to be taken into account each morning, but the idea of wearing actual art has always seemed out of reach. Runway is inaccessible, handmade can be mega pricey, and let's not even bother touching on couture. With all of the modern technology we have these days (yes, I sounds 100 years old, and I like it), there has to be a better way to make clothing itself art, right?

The answer is yes. The answer is Print All Over Me.

I discovered PAOM through my awesome illustrator friend when she started uploading her work into adorable hot dog and hamburger printed garments. I was immediately entranced, and found myself spending hours (yes, multiple hours) skimming through the thousands of items on offer. Seriously people, there is SO much here it's insane. Looking for a moss print scarf? They've got it! How about a rain jacket covered in cute little pieces of sushi? Why yes, they have that, too. The options are legit endless, and in case endless isn't enough for you, you can go ahead and design your own print! That's right, all of your unattainable textile designer dreams can become reality with just a few clicks and a bit of creativity!

Print All Over Me is a small company based out of New York, and every single piece is made ethically and on demand either outside of Shanghai, or in Swainsboro, Georgia. Their entire concept is based on empowering creators and building more access to fun forms of design to those who otherwise wouldn't have it. They offer a series of basic garment styles, plus they're constantly introducing new seasonal options and special edition silhouettes. The best part? If you create a piece and someone buys it, you actually make a profit! It's sort of an all around win win win . . . you get the point!

Needless to say, PAOM is my newest shopping obsession. Here are some of my favorite pieces of the moment: