The xoJane Staff Shows You Who Can Pull Off a Crop Top

Anyone who puts on one, that's who. (Now show us yours!)
Publish date:
July 9, 2015
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So have you seen this little tidbit of advice from O, The Oprah Magazine that's been going around annoying/enraging folks on the Internet?


It's not even so much that it's all body-shamey, although duh that sucks, but more that we can't help but wonder if whoever wrote those words has been living under a rock for the past 5 years.

Fat girl crop tops have been a "THING" forever now. We ran this piece on them two years ago, and fat babes like Gabi Fresh and Nadia Aboulhosn have been wearing them for even longer. There's a "Fat Babes in Crop Tops" Tumblr.

It sort of reminds me of when a "Project Runway" judge occasionally says something like "No woman wants her butt to look bigger," and I'm all like, "Hi, are you cavemen judges?"

In these here modern times, lots of people want bigger butts and fat girls wear crop tops like it ain't no thing. Welcome!

Since one of our #1 rules here at xoJane is to be as unprofessional as possible, we decided to parade our bare bellies (and in my case, bosoms) around the office in protest of the silly, antiquated crop top "rule."

We also all got a giggle out of the idea of literally not being able to "pull off" a crop top ala "HELP MY HEAD IS STUCK!" Marianne sent around this web comic on the topic:

She also pointed out the #pullingoffacroptop hashtag on Twitter, as an awesome source of extreme fat girl style.

The point is, all you have to do to "pull off" a crop top is to put on a crop top. And it's high time we burned these trite old fashion rules about who can wear what at what size, body type, age, etc. to the ground -- for example, Jane's 52 and "pulling off" that crop top like a champ if you ask me.

Now join us! Upload your crop top photos right into the comments section and let's get a belly breeze party going on up in here! We want to see what you have already proven to be your substantial babe-age. Fuck the rules.