Crazy Things I’ve Bought On Etsy As Of Late, Plus A Guide To Etsy Shopping

YOLO, everyone dies, live each day like it’s your last, whichever one of those helps you justify your Etsy purchases.
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August 30, 2012
shoppables, etsy

Here I am with a Laura Palmer button that I got from the Etsy seller Ginger.

Aaaaand here is one of the greatest things I’ve ever owned. Yes, a Freddie Prinze Jr. Ring, all thanks to Napkin Items, one of my favorite Etsy sellers.

My relationship with Etsy is deeply complicated. On the one hand, I love it. Like, where else could I ever possibly get a Freddie Prinze Jr. ring? On the other hand, should I really be up at 3 in the goddamn spending my paycheck on Freddie Prinze Jr. rings? Clearly the answer is no, but YOLO, everyone dies, live each day like it’s your last. Whichever one of those helps you justify your Etsy purchases, go for it.

For reasons I can only assume link back to a deep psychological shortcoming on my end, it really irks me when people have the same things as me, which rarely-slash-never happens with Etsy. Bonus points: In most cases, you’re supporting local artists.

P.S. If you don’t care about my favorite Etsy picks, just scroll on down where I talk about Etsy shopping tips. But don’t blame me when you don’t know where to get octopus tentacles (No, it’s actually not legal, but I assumed it was, too).

27TH Street Press, $24.99 I love this journal, but only because I hate everyone.

Jenny Sherbie, John Waters Pillows, $45

I keep this on my bed and it really creeps bros out, but in a way I suspect they actually kinda like.

Burger and Friends, Just Kitten T-Shirt, $24

I want to high five this shirt, just like how I want to high five every cat I see. But I can’t because 1. They have paws and 2. Every time I get near a cat I break out in hives. Single file, boys.

Rad Vintage Shit, Vintage Marlboro Tee, $36

I plan on layering this over plaid shirts all fall. Is it cold yet?

CH Gallery, Jordan Catalano Ring, $6

I just really like the way this ring leans against my finger. GET IT?!??!?!?!?

Sleazy Seagull, David Lynch T-Shirt, $24.99

This shirt was actually a gift from someone I don’t talk to anymore. All I’ve gotta say is I’m glad I got this rad shirt before our friendship went defunct!

The Wolf King, Real Preserved Octopus Tentacle Wet Specimen Décor, $19.95

Full disclosure: I actually haven’t bought this yet because it’s not really a thing I can justify (You know, unlike my Jordan Catalano ring…), but it’s been on my wish list forever.

Alright. That was fun, but enough about me. Let’s talk Etsy shopping tips. It’s easy to get overwhelmed on Etsy, so pay attention, kiddos.

Utilize your favorite store’s favorites.

This is the best way to find new stores. If you find a store you look, be sure to check out their favorite items and sellers. Sometimes people will put their favorites on private, but often times you can score their top picks and find great new items/sellers that way. Repeat this process until your bank account is drained.

Search for specific items.

Certain items, like the John Water pillow (and, uh, most of the ones above), I didn’t realize I wanted until I saw them. But other times, I’ll be looking for a specific item (printed vintage dress, oversized denim jacket, black leather ankle boots), and I’ll just type exactly what I’m looking for into the Etsy search bar. I’ve never not found at least one item that matches my request.

Talk to the seller.

As a whole, Etsy sellers are very friendly. Sometimes, however, their pictures or item descriptions are unclear. Reach out to them, ask them questions, annoy ‘em. Unlike a disgruntled teen working at a retail store, these people really care about the things they’re selling, and want to help you.

Keep things in your shopping bag for at least 24 hours.

Alright, I’m all for impulsive shopping, but it is way too easy to convince yourself that you need a Lizzie McGuire pencil case for $15. And, hey, maybe you do, but give yourself some time to make sure of that. Things add up really fast on Etsy, so just be safe out there, kids.