Of Course The XL Is Sold Out! My Favorite T-Shirts for Fatties

And how I started lying to people about my weight.
Publish date:
April 11, 2012
cake, fatties, t-shirts

Ya'll bitches know I like to eat.

Like, literally, halfway through the writing of this post, Madeline came in here and told me there were cookies in the office kitchen and then she turned around and was like "WHAT?" because there was nothing there but some speed tracks and a cloud of dust.

Despite that fact, I've pretty much convinced myself that the extra 20 I'm carting around is baby weight. In fact, I may have intimated as such to a Kate Spade saleswoman when the above T-shirt didn't fit in a Large.

OK, I outright claimed that nothing fit because I had just had a baby. I'm not proud, but I am honest. Well, to you guys, not to Kate Spade salespeople. To add insult to injury, I checked online only to see that the XL was already sold out. Which makes perfect sense. Who appreciates cake more than us XL-s? Only XXLs.

So I chose to soothe my bruised ego by writing this post rounding up some of my favorite out-and-proud fattie shirts. Look, I'm wearing this one!

"I'm Fat Let's Party" in Red, $22.99 (Somebody's getting a onesie!)

Fat Mudflap Girl, $28.39

Fuck Flattering Tee by Gisela Remirez, $35 (written about by Lesley here)

I Like to Say Things & Eat Stuff T-shirt, $22.99 Me Too!

I Heart Carbs Jr. Ringer T-shirt, $20.99

Salt & Fat T-shirt from Buy Olympia, $20 Two of my favorite things! Does anyone know of a butter shirt?

Eternal Pizza Party, $22.99 (They also have one that says Pizza Party Animal)

Sadly, I don't think this one actually exists for purchase. This is just one of those pictures that has been floating around the Internet forever. But this babe (and anyone else who gets this shirt custom-made) is my hero forever.