Cool stuff Phoebe loves: Zara sandals - ALL of them!

Dear reader, I'm only human and sometimes even I can be persuaded to sacrifice my penny-pinching principles for a little bit of loveliness...
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June 25, 2012
fashion, Zara, sandals, spring summer 2012

Zara is one of my favourite high street stores for shoes; time after time I've been searching for something specific - classic riding boots or a simple pair of ballet pumps - and while other shops have produced versions that are quite frankly a little too clever for their own good, Zara has just the thing.

Which isn't to say they don't do directional, fashion-forward footwear too - there's plenty of that (and some slightly more, shall we say, 'eurodisco' stuff which is best left firmly on the shelf.) Just look at these neon beauties, which I have a horrible feeling have sold out already as they're nowhere to be found on the Zara site. Sigh...

Amazing neon sandals from Zara which I can't find anywhere on the site (this is a campaign shot) which is really annoying as I WANT them.

Nevermind, there's plenty more where they came from, for example these orangey-red suede platforms, which would add a satisfyingly chunky counterpoint to a floaty summer frock.

High heel platform sandal, £49.99,

I couldn't decide which of the three colourways I like most for this 'basic' sandal. Each is a dainty example of colourblocking and all w0uld work with cuffed blue jeans, a full skirt or a shift dress. The heel isn't terrifyingly high so they'd be a smart choice for a summer wedding too. And LOOK - they're the European cousin of's Julie's black basic Zara sandals and she wore hers for 10 hours so they must be good!

Basic sandal, £29.99,

Oh but wait, I saved the best for last... Ta-da! Raffia! Stripy! T-bar! Chunky heel! They make me think of coconut-smelling suntan lotion and wicker beach baskets and Negronis and crisp cotton shirtdresses and bougainvilleas trailing down plaster walls; basically, they're summer holidays in sandal form.

Woven thong sandal, £59.99,

Now you may be starting to realise that I'm actually a bit stingy when it comes to fashion (did the fact I have a regular feature called The Stingy Shopper give it away?) and at £59.99 these woven sandals are towards the top end of what I'm prepared to pay on the high street. But dear reader, I'm only human and sometimes even I can be persuaded to sacrifice my penny-pinching principles for a little bit of loveliness.

So what do you think - should I buy the sandals? And which item in your wardrobe made your heart beat a little faster the moment you saw it?