Cool Stuff Phoebe Loves: January (Navy) Blues Edition

Sometimes the only thing that can banish a bad mood is spending the afternoon window shopping online...
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January 30, 2013
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January is approximately 8 ½ weeks long isn’t it? We’re crawling towards its end now and it couldn’t come soon enough. I’d vowed not to buy anything new this month but London Fashion Week is looming and I’ve got some other stuff to do which requires looking vaguely put together, so on Saturday I cracked and purchased two wardrobe revivers from Uniqlo's – you guessed it – men’s department.

But what else could I chuck money at in an effort to feel better?

The fashion press has been heralding Spring/Summer 2013 as the season of the ‘mid heel shoe’ – think any of the older Royals standing staunchly in the soggy grass at Ascot in block-heeled pumps and you’ve got the idea. I have it on good authority (my mum) that the Queen Mother wore Gabor pumps and I’ve been hankering after a pair like this for some time.

However, I think I shall probably opt for the more purse-friendly and fashion-forward option and get these gold-block-heeled ones from Asos instead. Ok they’re ‘pleather’ but I’m not expecting them to last a lifetime.

What do you think? Dare I...?

I have become obsessed with finding the perfect navy blue leather bag. I’d like it to be made from soft, squashy leather, preferably with a drawstring fastening. I think this would make my life complete.* Can I find one? Hell no.

I hate it when fashion doesn’t make the single, specific item I desire at that precise moment. Even the internet can’t help. And it’s not as if I can make one myself. EVERYTHING SUCKS. What will cheer me up? How about these...


Yes, another shoe - this one's from Massimo Dutti and reminds me of the shoes worn by the models at Victoria Beckham's SS/13 catwalk show. It has a lovely simplicity which pushes my garconnes-loving, Margaret Howell-fangirling buttons too.

And finally, may I suggest a visit to the J.Crew site to see how they've styled their Spring pieces - it's lovely!

So what about you? Do you cruise the internet looking at things you might like to buy when you're in a funk? Tell me!

*Not really, but possibly.