Cool stuff Phoebe loves: Boden Shoreditch

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July 27, 2012
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Do you ever feel like what you’re wearing isn’t really up to scratch in terms of the weather? I’m talking about getting soggy ballet pumps when it’s raining again, or feeling all hot and sweaty in jeans and a t-shirt when the sun unexpectedly appears. It happens to me in both summer and winter and although I’m getting better at dressing with one eye on the elements, I still find myself tripping up, outfit-wise, quite frequently.

Boden's Shoreditch AW/12 story

Which is a longwinded way of saying I am totally inspired by the campaign images from Boden’s new AW/12 ‘Shoreditch’ collection (which helpfully is available to buy at now). Each beautifully styled image is an epiphany, with me slapping forehead with palm and exclaiming, “Why didn’t I think of that? Of course I could wear a navy knee-length skirt with brown leather boots, a camel sweater and a denim shirt and look foxy without getting cold or wet.”

THIS. I want to look like this please.

The ingenious thing about these pictures is that they look like candid street style snaps and as a former resident of Shoreditch, I can confirm that these were indeed shot on those vomit-slicked cobbles of my old stomping ground.

Our weather can be so unpredictable, particularly in September, which invariably turns out to be hotter than July and means all the fashion editors togged out in their new A/W outfits look a little ‘warm’ (yes, this is me and ‘warm’ means ‘really sweaty’). So I like seeing images of rainy pavements and brilliant sunshine and outfits styled accordingly to suit both. It’s smart and realistic.

In your FACE rain, I have tomato-red capri pants and a giant brolly!

On a side note, can I just say I really HATE it when winter clothes are styled – either on the catwalk, in magazines or on shop mannequins – without tights. It’s so disingenuous and makes me really cross. Add a pair of black opaques dear stylist and that alters the look of the entire outfit so it’s of no use to me to show it sans hosiery. Grrr... Ok, I feel better now I’ve got that off my chest.

This picture reminds me of Megan from Mad Men, which is a Very Good Thing.

I also love the way the good people of Boden have politely ignored the fact that ‘Shoreditch’ generally means ‘stupid hair, hideously clompy Jeffrey Campbell boots and Aztec-print backpack’ and have temptingly offered us slinky polo necks, perfectly-cut cigarette pants and preppy blazers instead. Mmmm, preppy…

Pointy-toed kitten heels are my new jam

For me summer has always meant ‘50s style (full-skirted cotton sundresses, espadrilles etc) while winter equates to the ‘60s (shift dresses, colourful tights, polo necks) and Boden has captured this beautifully. The rich jewel shades of the collection are also just what you feel like wearing when the leaves start turning to russet and gold and the sky is all purple.

Do you prefer summer or winter, wardrobe-wise? And am I the only one who always wears the wrong thing for every occasion?!