"Cool Mom" Style: 3 Easy Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe Because You're Busy Dressing Other People

I look for pieces I can throw on quickly to look very put-together, even if I’m really very thrown-together.
Publish date:
August 7, 2014
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I became a mother 13 months ago, and it’s the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world. So much has changed in my life since entering motherhood; in particular, my wardrobe.

After I had my son, Zooey, I wore my maternity leggings and nightgowns for a whole month (OK, maybe two). No one told me those tender newborn days would be so glamorous! After I got the hang of things and started getting out and about with my new little one, though, I adjusted my wardrobe ever-so-slightly to better fit my new lifestyle.

The time I spend getting ready each morning is actually time spent getting Zooey ready, so when I’m hurrying to get dressed, I look for pieces I can throw on quickly to look very put-together, even if I’m really very thrown-together. I like pieces that are not only easy to style, but also easy to wear.

I’m a mommy to a beautiful wild child who is only still when he’s sleeping. When he moves, I move, so I stay pretty busy most days, and I move around a whole lot. I have to have clothes I can move freely in, without fear of ripping a seam, or showing my lovely ladyparts. I also need clothes that will stay in place even on the days my sweet child decides napping is for the birds and I really feel like I’m losing my marbles. 

Comfort and practicality are my top priorities nowadays. I depend on the clothes I wear to be comfortable and easy to function in. These are some of my favorite pieces to wear on the days I’m hanging out with my tot.

Jogger Pants

Some days I wake up and I really don’t want to get dressed. Usually I have to, though, so on the days when I’d rather be in bed snuggled up to my little guy instead of chasing him around everywhere (literally, he’s everywhere), I throw on a pair of jogger pants.

They’re basically like fancy PJs. These pants are extremely comfortable and easy to move around in. You can pair them with a fitted tee for a more casual look, or dress them up with a tucked-in blouse. My favorite way to style them is with a simple crop top.


Jumpsuits are my absolute favorite type of clothing right now. They’re fun, easy and oh-so-comfortable. They can be dressed up or down, making them the perfect day-to-night outfit. I can move freely in pieces like this one, without worrying about my clothes falling out of placing.

As a mom, I love jumpsuits because I don’t have to plan a whole outfit; I can just slip one on, add a pair of sandals, a piece of statement jewelry if I’m feeling crazy, and I’m good to go!

Midi Skirts & Dresses

Pre-baby-boy, I wore skirts or dresses almost every day. These days, I still love breezy skirts and dresses; I just have to be more mindful of the length.

Maxi skirts, while flowy and elegant, are easily tripped over, especially when running to stop a curious baby from putting *insert something awful thing baby should definitely not eat here* in his mouth; and shorter, above the knee skirts aren’t always practical considering the countless times I have to bend over through out the day.

Enter midi skirts, the overlooked middle sister of skirts. They usually hit somewhere below the knee and above the ankle, making them easy to move and groove in.

Moms out there, what are your go-to pieces for looking stylish while running after kids?