Am I Getting Too Old to Wear Clothes With Phrases On Them?

Is it OK to wear a shirt that says "NOPE" every day of my life?

I’ve been seeing more and more designers putting random words and letters on their clothing. Phrases like “Petal” and “Controversial” are showing up in giant block letters across sweatshirts and tees. This isn’t something new (90’s CK One T-shirt REPRESENT), but it is for high fashion designers like Alexander Wang and Isabel Marant who are known for their chic and tailored designs. Also, what’s with the random French words printed on shirts? I’ve seen way too many people with “Oui” on their tees. Am I missing something? Are people trotting around Paris wearing shirts that say “Yes” on them?

I wouldn’t be caught dead in shirts that said “KISS ME” or “BRAT,” but I found some talking tees (and sweatshirts and tanks) that are pretty darn cute.

High-five to Forever 21 for making fun of those French phrase shirts:

Quiz: Is this a tribute to Bruce Springsteen's 1978 tour? Thin Lizzy's 1978 tour? Or the 1978 tour de France?

Answer: Who knows?!?

I'll take 10, please:

I can't help but think this shirt was made specifically for me:

There's no way I would wear this to the grocery store but I still love it:

Alexander Wang $1,075 aka REALLY F*CKING EXPENSIVE

Fashion has been more forgiving lately, even spawning a simple way to get your face plastered all over a custom shirt. I am all for people wearing crazy sh*t. I have at least 10 items with cat faces on them. As I was scrolling through the Forever 21 website, looking at all the clothes aimed towards teenage girls, I saw a ton of shirts I wanted to buy.

I’m having a minor freak-out because I turn 30 in a month, and was hoping my love for the shirt that says “NOPE” on it wasn’t my first dive into a black hole of aging denial. I’m trying to stay true to myself without thinking I need to wear clothing that is appropriate for 30-year-old women.

I mean, I just made macaroni and cheese for dinner, it only makes sense that I should wear a sweatshirt with the phrase, “Yeah I guess” on it.

Are you into the lettering and phrases trend, or is it more for sassy teenage girls?