I should probably wash these jeans, but that would mean I would have to stop wearing them.
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June 5, 2015
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Sad but true: Target went out of business here in Canada in the early Spring, and it's been bumming me out. We barely knew ye' Target! I mean, it was only open in the True North Strong & Free for about two years.

Sometimes a loss can be a gain though, because all of Target's old stock was sent to a liquidation store in my hometown and that meant my mom scored me a new pair of Mossimo high-waisted skinny jeans for $2.99. Yes. Two dollars and ninety-nine cents. A nearly frightening deal.

I love these jeans though, and I've been wearing them on a bit of a loop. I can't help it -- they go with just about everything.

I'm wearing them today with my new Television shirt and a vintage white leather belt, but they also look great with a white button down and a blazer.

Do you have any items that you tend to wear over and over again? I'd say my worst repeat offence was the time I wore the same grey leggings and oversized cardigan for six days straight, but that's because I had just had four wisdom teeth removed and barely remember the week thanks to the pain medicine ...

Anyway, on to you, folks!

Last week you shared your outfits with me, and I was particularly taken with Devibri's hiking outfit -- it looks cute and comfy, and the moon phase pattern on her Teeki leggings really won my heart.

This whole outfit makes me want to get outside and see some nature. That is, once the rain is gone and I've got some allergy pills to take with me.

Also, kudos to Ginger Pop for scoring this fantastic pleated chiffon dress. I'm not even a fan of purple, but this dress is gorgeous and made to be twirled in. Lucky find!

Show me what you've found this week, whether it was on a shopping trip or shoved in the back of your closet. Let me see those outfits, crew! And don't forget to have a great weekend, OK?