Closet Essentials: The Shirtdress

A staple in your wardrobe for under 40 bucks.
Publish date:
August 4, 2011
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I've never met a button-down shirt I didn't like, so it makes perfect sense that my love extends to the shirtdress. Over time, I've realized what an awesomely versatile piece it can be and if you don't have one in your closet already, perhaps it's time you get into the shirtdress game.

Shirtdress with Curved Hem $34.48, ASOS

Let's start with the classic; if a crisp white shirt is an essential in a woman's closet then a crisp white shirtdress is even better right? Wear in the summer with bright sandals and chunky jewelry and once winter comes, you can dress it up like it is a suit and layer a blazer over it with chunky tights and some oxfords.

Staring At Starts Military Shirtdress $29.99, Urban Outfitters

A sleeveless shirtdress offers a few more options. Wear as is now, maybe layered over a tight tube skirt or little lace shorts if the length feels a bit short. (It does to me, but then again I'm a maxi-length fiend). When the weather gets chilly you can wear a long-sleeve T under it, or maybe turn it into a tunic and tuck just the front part into some skinny pants for a carefree, but put-together look. Bonus points if you're into buttoning it all the way up for a minimalist vibe.

Shirtdress with Lily Pond Print $39.65, ASOS

Once you've got the classics, all that's left is to go crazy with prints and lengths! I love the slight balloon sleeves and the way they've tied the front two panels here and left the back hang long (mullet dressing alert!). Longer lengths also allow for cool layering over pants and leggings, like just buttoning it up to your waist and letting the rest just flow freely. If an all-over print seems a little intense you can tone it down by wearing a sweater or a cardigan over it. It'll break up the pattern but still pack a total punch.

So many ways to wear them! Truly a must-have in your life.