How to Wear Holiday Hair Accessories Without Looking Like a Giant Woman-Child

There are seriously bajillions of hair accessories that are sleek and put together while still being fun.
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December 10, 2014
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Now that I’m in my 20s, I’m expected to act like an adult or whatever. I feel kind of grown, but I’m also aware that my teenage years were basically 10 minutes ago. The behavioral boundaries are murky — I don’t want to stop wearing miniskirts, I don’t want to stop drinking Smirnoff Ice Raspberry Burst, and I never want to stop telling people to turn up. I do, however, enjoy taking vitamins, shopping at Ann Taylor, and watching The Daily Show with my morning coffee.

The most troubling boundaries are those of the beauty variety — I’m afraid my days of wearing glittery eye shadow and turquoise eyeliner are numbered. Getting older doesn’t mean I have to wear slacks and turtlenecks, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pull off hair accessories without looking like a giant baby-woman. It doesn’t help that the holidays make me feel so festive. I like to decorate my head with accessories, but also want to look sophisticated and mature.

As I was shopping and contemplating whether I could pull off a black Zara beanie with cat ears, this jewel encrusted Julius Caesar headband caught my eye. It’s an elegant Grecian-inspired headpiece that seemed perfect for the holidays. Styling was simple — I twisted back small inch-wide sections of my hair by my ears, and pinned them at the back of my head to support the combs and keep my look in place. The result was sooooo pretty and spurred the epiphany that I can pull off hair accessories and look my age!

Thank the holy Lord above for online shopping and fast fashion, because there are seriously bajillions of hair accessories that are sleek and put together while still being fun. I’ve narrowed down my absolute favorites for you guys. Imagine how cute you’ll look with these and a Topshop party dress or jumpsuit, sparkly from H2T like a Hanukkah bush!

These hair spinners remind me of S Club 7, Britney Spears’ Fantasy perfume, eating Cinnabons at the mall, and everything else that made the early 2000s amazing. They’re so subtle and sparkly, but also classy.

I’m normally not a fan of pearls, but these would look sophisticated peeking through messy waves.

The mix of rhinestone cuts keep this headband from looking like it’s made out of Claire’s press-on earrings. There is a really pretty mix of clear, pastel pink, and lavender gems.

I will forever be obsessed with every beauty look on the CW show Reign. This headband brings very regal Queen Mary Stuart vibes.

Holy last minute hair savior! I have experienced countless occasions where I had no time to wash my hair, and panicked to make it look relatively presentable. If only I had some of these on hand! Models walking in the Jason Wu Spring 2014 show wore very similar gold hair-ties and I fell in love. That was forever ago, and, obviously, I still haven’t gotten over it.

I’m the type of girl to wear a birthday tiara, so naturally I would love to wear a tiara any day of the week.

More gold! How eclectic are these gold metal feathers? A passerby would think you just had your hair tucked behind your ears but nope — surprise — you are a majestic bird.

A simple metal headband is a sleek and modern way to push your hair off of your face. Regardless of your personal style, this accessory is minimal enough for anyone to pull off. This would also turn any pixie cut into a classy Audrey Hepburn moment. Did Audrey Hepburn wear headbands? She should have.

I’m buying these. That’s all.

There’s a chance that I’ll get over this maturity complex and grow to be one of those older women that has a tight face-lift, even tighter pants, a bunch of young boyfriends, and a stocked liquor cabinet. At that point, I’ll cackle at my inane twentysomething worries. Until then (and clearly I’m not there yet), I’ll cultivate a healthy balance of being a sophisticated and a quirky youth.

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