Chloe's Amazing Technicolor Dreamponcho

It's like a blanket! You can wear!
Publish date:
March 30, 2011
chloe, coats, paris, fall 2011, ready-to-wear

Chloe has always been known for its unabashed femininity, but in the past few seasons designer Hannah McGibbon has been slowly turning away from the concept. With the incorporation of an almost quintesentially 70's wardrobe of high-waisted trousers and proper button down-shirts in various shades of butterscotch and camel, the brand was dangerously close to becoming stale. But this season McGibbon finally welcomed bold colors and wild patterns into the collection, culminating in a stunning patchworked poncho that has me wondering what life decisions I can take to become the woman that wears this.

I mean it's a goddamned blanket! A blanket that tells the world, "I'm not afraid to wear huge pieces of brightly colored fabric and not only do I look cooler than you, I'm also really warm."

And yeah, I know it looks like a homemade quilt yanked from someone's trip to a ranch over the winter or whatever, but that's really where the genius lies. Plus, it adds an air of eccentricity to your personality (you're wearing housewares).