I Lost My Favorite Glasses — Help Me Pick New Ones to Put on My Sadface

Only reasonably priced Internet-procured glasses will put a smile back on my nearsighted face.
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March 6, 2015
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I learned a really cool science lesson a few months ago.

After taking off my nail polish with remover and a cotton pad one night, I made the mistake of accidentally setting the used pad down near my most-frequently-worn pair of glasses. Okay, not near — pretty much on top of. I don't even know how I didn't notice what I'd done, though, and I was also feeling super lazy and didn't throw away the pad immediately.

The next morning, I found the pad and the frames stuck together, and when I delicately peeled away the pad, I was horrified to discover that the polish remover had melted part of the frames — my favorite, go-with-everything frames!

Science lesson learned: Acetone-based nail polish remover can melt acetate frames. Slob lesson learned: Throw away your used remover-soaked cotton pad immediately-ish.

Even though I have several other pairs of glasses, I'm not as fond of them, and I saw this as a reason to buy new glasses; however, being on a budget, I told myself to wear the other pairs. Instead, I just wore my favorite pair even though, from some angles, it appeared to have looked directly at the lost Ark.

And so I continued wearing them, including on a date last weekend, ironically, with an optician. It wasn't until I was long gone from the bar that I realized I'd left my glasses there. In any other case, I'd probably call the bar and ask them to hold onto the glasses for me until I can get back, but they're partially melted, and the bar is in Jersey City. I'm not taking the PATH to go get some disfigured glasses, even if I do hang out with the optician again.

Since I'm only two dates in with said optician, I'm not about to be like, "Hey, dude, hook me up with new glasses." That's more of a fourth-date demand. So I'm looking online for a fabulous new pair of black frames. If you already know your prescription, it's often less expensive to buy glasses online these days, and also, I don't have vision in my health insurance plan. THANKS, OBA


I loved the simple design of my lost, melted frames, but since Lookmatic no longer sells that style, I'm thinking of getting a slightly more offbeat pair. Think: The glasses Iris Apfel might wear on a casual run to Costco (as if that would ever happen).

Help me choose from one of the five following options, won't you?

Rivet & Sway Disco Diva

I'd been eyeing (ha!) these Rivet & Sway frames for a while, and I panicked when the brand's website disappeared off the face of the Internet. Luckily, they just moved over to selling their stuff on glasses.com, which sells glasses, if you can believe it.

Although they're considered medium-size frames, I love how gigantic the lenses are. Like a stranger could take one look at me and immediately know, Yep, she's someone's coolest aunt.

Kam Dhillon Carla



Yesterday, Coco showed up to her beauty article wearing a really cute pair of glasses, and I immediately got it in my head that a black version of them may very well be my next frames. She informed me that they're Kam Dhillon Jackie frames, which I do love, but then I saw this Carla number in the "You

ight Also Like" section, and they were right: I do also like these frames!

They're only a millimeter shorter in lens space than the Rivet & Sway pair, and I love the geometric feel. I also love that they're $60 cheaper.

Flexible Plastic Full-Rim Frame 206021$15.95 at zennioptical.com

Sexy name, right? Well, Zenni can't afford to waste time with fancy frame names because they're too busy selling glasses for, like, $16.

Zenni can be a little annoying in that all sales are final, and even if you love certain frames, they won't let you order them if your pupillary distance isn't wide enough. I look better in wider glasses, and there were a number I had to pass over because my PD fell short of the minimum.

But at a nice, broad 141mm-wide and a minimum PD requirement of just 58, these frames are probably worth the gamble at such a low price. I might get these and one of these other pairs.

Bonlook Dylan$99 at bonlook.com

These look pretty similar to the ones that got away: geeky, but not geek Halloween costume, you know? I'm fairly confident I'd be happy with these, but if I'm going to drop $100, I kind of want to branch out into a new style.

Warby Parker Winston$95 at warbyparker.com

Okay, so these are pretty much geek Halloween costume glasses. But I'm not gonna lie: I like them a lot and I think I could pull them off.

Plus, Warby Parker makes me feel all nostalgic because they're the first online brand from which I ever got glasses, waaaaaay back in 2010. Seems like a lifetime ago . . .

Which of these do you think suits me most? Can you recommend any other under-$150 styles you've seen lately? Would you go from Brooklyn all the way back to a bar in Jersey City for a pair of semi-melted glasses?