OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Disco Dancing Shoes

I'm on the hunt for sandals in which I can do the Hustle.
Publish date:
May 23, 2015

I will forever be obsessed with the creative collaboration that existed between photographer Guy Bourdin and shoe designer Charles Jourdan in the 70s and 80s. The images that came out of their partnership are glossy, bright, sexy and encapsulate everything I want to exude when I get dressed to go out.

While the hair and makeup can sometimes be a bit too-too-much (I've tried it on for size and felt a little overwhelmed), the shoes can be appreciated by anyone, I think.

Charles Jourdan shoes pop up quite frequently in my vintage scours at affordable prices (this pair is particularly cute, but sadly not my size), and I'm always happy to see them or any pair that has a similar vibe. Luxe materials, strappy bits, a good heel (but never too skyscraper high) are all things I search for in a good going-out shoe.

These black snakeskin block-heel sandals I thrifted last week perfectly fit the bill, and I think CJ and GB would approve.

They look great with the little black shift I paired them with, but I can also see them matching with a jumpsuit or a strappy, slinky disco dress too. Bring on ze Summer nights, plizz!

Which shoes are you excited to wear this Summer, or rather, which ones are you on the hunt for? Show me your dream pair!

In the meantime, here are some stylish babes from last week's post to get your gears turning.

I really enjoyed Nicole's printed dress, which was self-made along with the belt. This is just a reminder that I need to try and conquer my sewing machine again and figure out all those 1960s sewing patterns I've been hoarding. Yay for DIY!

And I think we all owe a congratulations to Devibri, who is shining in her grad gown. Hooray!

What did you wear this week? What are you wearing this weekend? Gimme pics or I'll wither away and die. Outfit photos are my lifeblood, you guys!