Cat’s Addicted To A Lot Of Things, But The Only Thing I Want Her To Quit Is Ballet Flats

I'm Cat's new beauty assistant! Help me help her help herself -- let's start with the shoe situation.
Publish date:
September 30, 2011
shoes, cat needs help

Look at Cat.

She's (in my opinion) a grungy-chic beauty director who wears Ksubi jeans and sexy slept-in concert tees every day. Or shrunken flannels, like in the pic above. Have you seen the models from Dsquared² spring 2012 with their smeary black liner and fluoro sunnies, as if fresh from a romp in some rocker’s dressing room? As Cat’s assistant (who has known her for years, actually, since I used to be her intern at Lucky), I see her in person every day and trust, she could have been the show's inspiration.

So when Cat asked me on my first day to go on the Internet and find a new pair of black ballet flats for her to slink around in, I shot her a judgy look. I like more ... ambitious shoes for Cat. Though obviously "practical" ballet flats are the Vera Bradley tote bag of footwear: perfect for the country club, pathetic at afterhours (and you know that Cat goes to afterhours). Strive for the shoe that looks fierce 24/7, right?

So: flats? Not so much. Sure, Kate Moss looks like a bad bitch in ballerinas, but her backdrop is Primrose Hill (not to mention a history of being the most fashionable woman ever). Ditto the late Amy Winehouse, because somehow that bohemian Camden filth worked to make them iconic.

Flats work better in London, just like sneakers work better in Paris. And right now, something with some drama looks best in New York. Cat needs some next-level kicks and I'm determined to help her step outside of her comfort zone!

Here are four pairs of shoes I’ve instead deemed fit for a rogue beauty editor like Ms. Marnell:

Belle Sigerson Morrison Spotted calf hair ankleboots ($375)

These boots are a Tommy Ton mating call—can you even?

Topshop Ambush Side Zip Boots ($150)

Here, I’ll appease Cat who claims to have no money to spend on shoes. Stop being cheap, I’ve seen your bank balance!

Burberry Buckled Leather Ankle Boots ($995)

I tell Cat every day she MUST sleep with more celebrities. Pete Doherty would totally buy these for her if her -- or steal them from Harvey Nics. He’d make it happen!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Wedges ($390)

Featuring an embroidered deer, these lace-ups give a nod to Cat's beloved Bambi.

Now, please tell me which shoes you'd like to see encasing the feet of our beloved beauty director -- in the comments, of course -- go!