Carry A Little (Ziggy) Stardust With You Everywhere You Go

Because we all need a bit more Bowie in our lives.
Publish date:
August 8, 2011
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Mr. Marc Packables Bag $58, Nordstrom

Do you love David Bowie? Because you should. My first roommate in collage was a Bowie devotee (in fact I got to live with her because I complimented her Bowie t-shirt), and all my freshman memories are tinged with obsessive listening of Ziggy Stardust–or if you want to be official about it "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars"–and Aladdin Sane. I was already aware of Bowie's awesomeness, especially the danceable latter hits that we all love and his epic collaboration with dream-man Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (and The Social Network? haha) but discovering his earlier work was totally life-changing. It made me sad to think I had spent the previous 17 years I had been alive without those two records (yeah, it was that serious).

I still don't understand how he is so underrated. Is it because he wore Kansai Yamamoto asymmetrical knit catsuits with one hot pant leg? Because that really shouldn't deter anyone from a life of great music; plus the tight knits are important to show off the legendary Bowie Bulge(Google it; it's a phenomenon) which I'm sure changed many a girls' lives upon seeing it during Labyrinth. But the point is that everywhere you go people should know all the songs and they should release one of those Rock Band game thingies all chock-full of Bowie to excessive fanfare. The world needs more of David Bowie and it is your duty to give them more!

And so I can totally see why the fine folk at Marc Jacobs decided to sneakily sell you some David Bowie. Nowhere in the product description does it say that this is Ziggy, but I guess it doesn't really need to say it, you just know. Now the only thing I need to know is why this is being sold in the men's department, this is as unisex and awesome as they come. More Bowie on things please!