Can We Talk About The Goth Trend Everyone Is Doing At The Moment?

It’s definitely a “thing” again. I’m not big into following trends, but dark makeup and clothes hold a special place in my heart.
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January 3, 2014
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The goth trend is all over the place right now. Lorde is doing it and so is Jennifer Lawrence. It’s definitely a “thing” again. I’m not big into following trends, but dark makeup and clothes hold a special place in my heart.

You see, I first did the goth look in junior high. But I was a HUGE poser. Like, I didn’t even wear makeup back then and the only black clothing I owned was a black hoodie and studded bracelets. I didn’t want to scare my teachers -- I was a big believer in pleasing adults -- so I was a baby about it. I didn’t even like sad music back then. I listened to Avril Lavigne. UGH.

And then I did it in college! Between 2008 and 2010, I went through an I-will-only-wear-black-and-listen-to-really-sad-80s-music phase. Actually my roommate, Leah, and I both did. We always made sure to pair our black ensemble with some really, really sad music.

I didn’t always wear black though. I do live in Texas, so wearing an all-black outfit in 105-degree weather is not encouraged here. But I did take full advantage of it during Halloween. I was the color black in 2008 (seriously…who dresses as a color for Halloween?), a straight-up goth kid in 2009 and even pushed the goth a little more in 2011 and went as the anti-Christ. I skipped the goth thing in 2010, but I was a punk rocker so I did end up wearing black.

The anti-Christ costume was my favorite. I wore a midi black sheer dress over black tights and black boots, a flowy black vest thing, a black coat and some extremely dark makeup. I also drew an upside-down cross on my forehead and scared every single person that looked my way.

AND the best part was that I had to talk to a cop while I was intoxicated sporting an upside-down cross on my forehead because somehow everyone decided that I was the most sober to drive everybody home. He only gave me a warning! I learned that I can wear upside down crosses and talk my way out of a ticket. ! (ALSO, PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. I WAS IN COLLEGE AND WAS SUPER DUMB.)

Anyways, do you guys remember the goth trend that happened in the ‘90s?

My favorite gothic ‘90s lady is Rose McGowan during her Marilyn Manson phase. Lorde and Jennifer Lawrence have nothing on Rose’s slutty goth look. All Rose needed were some chains, a black g-string, dark hair and dark makeup.

Oh and you can’t forget about "The Craft." That movie was, like, THE biggest influence for ‘90s chicks everywhere wearing school uniforms living in the suburbs. Nancy, the head bitch in charge, always had the perfect shade of lipstick on. She also scared me out of my mind and every time I watched that movie I had to sleep with the light on. Seriously. The ‘90s were too real.

If you’re going to try this look out you should definitely invest in an awesome dark lipstick, liquid liner and a long sleeve black dress. Those are just the basics though. Buying some chains to wrap around you and getting rid of clothes that aren’t black are also good ideas.

ASOS has a whole section dedicated to the gothic trend right now. But everything seems to be sold out in that category because of the holiday shopping though. Sorry!

However this velvet dress from Etsy is awesome if you want to try a semi-slutty look. Black body-con dresses are boring guys, so you definitely want to skip those. With this dress you can let your shoulders out, wear your black lipstick, not smile for an entire night and you’d automatically be the most mysterious/hot chick at the party!

You can also wear a black leather dress with a mesh top or dress underneath. You can actually wear any leather or mesh you can get your hands on because that is goth. I like this leather dress from Reformation (which is on sale) and a mesh body-con dress from American Apparel. You have the option of showing side-boob, but you can also wear a black bra underneath. It’s up to you!

And you definitely want to wear some Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry. It’s only $5 and is also the best drugstore lipstick out there in the drugstore world. It’s a really dark reddish plum that has a bit of shine to it. There are other great dark lipsticks out there, but this is a cheap investment in case the look isn’t you.

If I was going to do the whole goth thing again and was super rich I would buy this dress:

It’s Mugler, so I’d have to wear some Chanel thigh-high boots with it. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Anyways, what do you guys think about the trend? And were any of you guys goth in your youth?