Can I Interest You In A Summer Suit?

Let’s get all matchy-matchy this summer -- but in a really chic, polished way.
Publish date:
May 29, 2014
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Okay everyone: let’s talk about lady suits! Or not, because that’s a terrible phrase. But there’s this trend that I’m really into lately and I’m not 100% sure what to call it. I guess I’ll call it the summer suit.

The summer suit is a fitted blazer and a matching pair of shorts, preferably in pastels or a fun pattern like florals. I found a pastel blue one from ASOS that I fell in love with (you can see it in the collage below).

On the more affordable end, a summer suit will run you between $50 to $100 per piece. That's still a good chunk of money for me, but what can I say? I tend to jump in head first. Or credit card first, really.

I justified my purchase by telling myself, “There are so many ways to style it!” And it's true. Assuming your workplace doesn’t have a ban on shorts in the summer (if it does, I strongly urge you to quit), the summer suit can make for a totally work-appropriate outfit.

For a polished look, I paired my suit with low black heels, a white button down, and a bit of lipstick. Simple and easy. I felt very put-together and chic in this outfit. It’s also really versatile. You could switch out the basic white button down for a floral blouse or a lace top. You could also get a lot of mileage out of the blazer on its own if you prefer to save the short-shorts for more casual environments.

Speaking of casual environments (man I’m getting SO good at these segues), this next outfit is perfect for when you’re being forced to dress up and need to project the general vibe of not caring. All you need to dress down the summer suit is a slouchy tee or tank top and filthy sneakers.

Roll up the sleeves, put on a pair of awesome sunglasses, and you’re officially too cool for school. I actually sorta wish I did go to high school dressed like this, instead of jeans and a hoodie. People might have thought I had a personality.

No matter what your thoughts on that last outfit, you’re going to have to admit that it looks a million times more comfortable than this next one.

I love these Zara heels, but they hurt. Oh yeah, and my side boob is out again. Obviously I had Bianca Jagger’s iconic wedding day outfit in mind here. I added an exaggerated cat-eye for even more of a glam, retro feel.

Now, I’m no Bianca Jagger but I still really enjoyed this look. I feel like it would have benefited from a really crazy necklace or at least some big earrings, but I don’t own a lot of jewelry because I never wear it. If I actually were to wear this to a semi-formal party or a date, however, I’d definitely add some extra sparkle. Like, just a completely tasteless amount.

If any of these outfits intrigued you, then it’s time to get your own summer suit. Below I rounded up a few of the better ones (Zara and Asos are your best bet, I found):

Don’t try to find a summer suit by Googling “ladies suit separates” unless you want to sort through dozens of pages of boring black pantsuits and bathing suits. DO Google “ASOS Women’s Suits” to find their massive section of mix and match items. There’s matching blazers, tops, shorts, pants, and skirts -- something for everyone! Unless you hate matching suits, in which case, that’s what the “mix” part is for I guess.

But seriously, don’t let me down. Let’s get all matchy-matchy this summer -- but in a really chic, polished way. It’s the summer suit trend, I may have just made it up myself this week, and I’m so excited about it! You?

Photos by Joshua Kirby