OMG, THE 80s!! Do You Remember Camp Beverly Hills?

I like crimped hair, roller skates and eating ice cream. ALERT THE MEDIA.
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August 15, 2012
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If you are a child of the 80s, you will totally remember the T-shirt brand Camp Beverly Hills, right?? I pestered my mother mercilessly for this exact T-shirt after seeing it on Drew Barrymore:

Drew. Photo,

She couldn't hang with my insane begging so she broke down and got it for me. Of course, I had zero knowledge about anything having to do with Beverly Hills except for what I knew from "The Beverly Hillbillies." But the thought of swimming pools and movie stars appealed to me big time!

Camp Beverly Hills totally banked on twerps like me who were awed by the glitz and glamour associated with the city of Beverly Hills. They slapped their name on some pastel T-shirts and successfully branded the California lifestyle to the masses.

Until I began to research the brand for this post, I never realized that there was once an actual Camp Beverly Hills retail store on Rodeo Drive. It was started by some bored movie producers and was originally stocked with vintage military surplus gear. They made up T-shirts with their logo on a whim and they were pretty much an instant hit.

This was the Holy Grail of style to me as a kid. Note the rolled up sleeves of the layered tees on the babe at far left. Photo,

I want that sweatshirt material skirt she has on bad. My Camp Beverly Hills T-shirt was just like Drew’s, but pale mint green. I distinctly remember wearing it to school with a conductor stripe denim mini skirt and a pair of gladiator sandals my grandmother bought me on our summer trip to Paris. I was so super smoooooth.

Now Camp Beverly Hills is back with a zippy collection of retro-inspired tees. Duh, of course I got one! I'm only ever trying to re-live my youth.

If I could only wear one color of T-shirt for the rest of my life, it would be heathered athletic grey. It literally goes with everything. Here's the exact shirt I got -- an off-the-shoulder "Flashdance" style. It's made of a super soft, thin cotton that feels heavenly. It reminds me of my favorite T-shirt, the American Apparel Tri-Blend Track T.

Grey off-the-shoulder T-shirt, $30.50,

Every time I say the name "Camp Beverly Hills," I can't help but think of one of my favorite dumb movies as a kid, Troop Beverly Hills. I just watched it again recently. I swear it totally holds up! Shelley Long is genius, and Theadora Van Runkle's costumes are out of this world.

I am really into men's cut T-shirts these days -- I hack the neck and sleeves out of them for a loose boyfriend fit that has the distinct advantage of not hugging your guts too tight. I like to eat ice cream, therefore I wear loose shirts.

Classic men's cut T-shirt, $26.00,

I love all the mishmash here of how these cute bloggers styled their tees:

From left: Fated To Be Hated, Kendall C., KC City Style.

What about the doll on her roller skates? She's totally keepin' the 80s alive. My roller skates are one of the most worn items in my closet!

I own multiple pairs of roller skates, but these are my favorite ones. I like to shove all the furniture in my living room into the corner so I can roller skate in my house alone in the middle of the night. I got the skates above at, but they sometimes turn up at yard sales and on Craigslist. I so badly want to live in a house with a ballroom strictly so I can have a place for private indoor roller skating.

As a big theme dresser, I wear them with striped skater socks, SHOCKER.

25" multi-colored skater socks, $15-$18.00.

If you're going to be roller skating around your apartment alone at all hours, (which you should, I'm telling you, it's very soothing!) you might as well go ahead and crimp your hair.

Conair 3-in-one hair crimper, $20.99.

This is the exact hair crimper I own. I love it. The larger plates are brilliant for putting big soft waves in your hair. But I always go for the super crimp. I wanna look like a groupie on my way to hang out on Ratt's tour bus.

What 80s trends do you still wear? There's gotta be some other hair crimping, solo inside-the-house middle-of-the-night roller skaters out there besides me, right? Anybody? Bueller?? Bueller?? Bueller??

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