OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Technicolour Daydream

Just because it's kinda dreary doesn't mean I have to be!
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November 21, 2015
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Every November, Daylight Savings hits and I want to lie face down in the middle of the street. It's 4:30. Stop that, sun. Come back. Where are you going?

That being said, it hasn't been too horrific here, weather-wise. We've been getting these mild, sunny days that leave me suspicious of what the actual winter will have in store. Surely we're in for a torturous January. But in the meantime, I'm embracing the (short-lived) light and I'm wearin' COLOUR.

I even wore a bright pink lipstick with that outfit, which is a little out of the ordinary for me. I guess I was feeling CUH-RAZY.

Speaking of colour, I've been heading back to one of my old inspirations, Almost Famous, and I've got myself a new little project.

I need this vest. I need to be a rainbow-doused Muppet if it's the last thing I do. And since vintage finds like this are typically $600 or more, I'm going to make it myself. I'll keep you updated, but this is my new destiny, and I can't wait to be a fancy lil' tropical bird.

While I get to work assembling supplies for my monster vest, let's take a look at what you lovely things have been donning.

Commenter nicole stunned again with this hand-painted silk gown she made HERSELF, featuring a capelet pieced together with pits of lace. I am always so in awe of your talent, nicole!

I was also enamoured with Meowzeltov Cocktail's printed dress look. That blue headscarf is just the perfect accessory.

  • What have you been wearing this week?
  • Are you ready for the inevitably horrific winter?