OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Ridiculous Rules

I don't care WHEN you wear black tights, or if your shoes and bag don't match. PLUS: your best Halloween costumes.
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November 6, 2015
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If you asked me to describe myself, "rule breaker" isn't exactly the first term that would come to mind.

But then when I think about the ridiculous fashion "rules" I've seen tossed around over the years, I start to feel a little rebellious. I'll mix black and brown, and black and navy, and leopard and anything, for that matter.

My shoes and bag do not always match, and I pile on the jewelry like it's my duty in life. And that whole "no white after Labour Day" thing is probably what I scoff at the most.

I mean, Winter may be on its way, and I may be prone to spilling coffee on any and all white garments, but I'm not going to let a dated rule stop me from wearing an outfit that I really like.

The same goes for opaque tights, which had a moment of scrutiny recently due to a bizarre little article from The Guardian. Is it just me, or does it seem like all these arbitrary rules and regulations seem pointedly aimed at women? It all seems like one big ploy to give us another thing to feel insecure about, second-guessing our clothing choices in case some imagined What Not To Wear-style committee jumps out and issues us a ticket for breaking The Fashion Law™. What a bunch of baloney.

Are there any fashion rules in particular that you take joy in breaking?

While you think about that, perhaps the creativity of last week's best Halloween costumes will inspire you.

Julie definitely nailed it with her Anna Wintour ensemble.

I also LOVED Shelfie's Medusa costume. Those creepy contacts really make it!

  • Did you break any fashion rules lately?
  • Do you care when or if people wear black tights?
  • What are you wearing right this second?

Tell me all of it!