Brace Yourself For The Cuteness That Is Zooey Deschanel’s New Clothing Line

I dare you to resist buying one of these pieces this weekend.

I don't know what I love more: shopping or complaining about how much I shop. One minute I'm bitching about technology that's making me spend more and the next I'm drooling over what you see here -- INCREDIBLY CUTE STUFF from the new "To Tommy, Love Zooey" capsule collection by Zooey Deschanel and Tommy Hilfiger.

The press kit describes the line as "modical" and that seems like a very fitting, made-up word. The look is a mix of nautical, all-American prepster and retro 60s all rolled into one. I'm impressed with how much this line reflects Zooey's real personal style. I get turned off when celebs dabble in fashion, but the clothes that they're selling look embarrassingly cheap or like they could have been "designed" by anyone. I always wonder, if given the opportunity, would I slap my name on a hideous fashion collection if someone was paying me millions of dollars. Hmm...yep, probably! Just make that check out to Baze Mpinja, B-A-Z-E...

Back to reality. Zooey's collabo does not look cheap; it looks really wearable and flattering and Macy's has sizes up to an 18. And you know what else? The second thing I thought when I first saw the line is "Damn, these clothes scream Emily." As you know, she loves her a good girly, slightly retro dress that she can personalize with an oddball twist. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the lookbook -- doesn't it look like stuff she would wear?

For me, it would be veering out of my comfort zone just a tad. I used to dress more feminine and classic, but now that I'm re-figuring out my style, I've been gravitating more toward edgy clothing. I feel like I go back and forth every few years. Still, I would definitely wear one of these dresses, especially the shifts. It's been far too long since I've had a good shift dress in my closet and I should do something about that. We're in this weird transitional phase in NYC where it's no longer freezing, but it's not quite warm enough to ditch the tights. I think these dresses would look better with nekkid legs, but I guess for now I would rock them with hosiery and a pair of plain, short booties. And a leather jacket, if I could find an affordable one that fit me right, would be a nice contrast.

You can see and buy everything in the line at and (the accessories are only on Tommy's site). Is anything calling to you? Any big shopping plans for the weekend? I hope it's gonna be nice out where you live.