I'm the Crazy Bitch Around Here: Blair Waldorf Is STILL My Look for Fall

I've been getting Blair comparisons for six years, and now I'm ready to embrace it. Bow down.
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August 28, 2014
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"Gossip Girl" premiered on the CW my senior year of high school. I wasn't familiar with the books the show was based on, but I kept hearing from classmates at my all girls high school that I sort of resembled one of the lead characters, played by Leighton Meester. At that point, both my interest and vanity were sparked so I started watching the show and reluctantly loved every minute of it.

If you missed out on the cultural phenomenon that was "Gossip Girl," allow me to catch you up -- it's a ridiculous show about ridiculous, rich kids in New York who do ridiculous things. I've been rewatching the show lately, and I keep thinking, "Wait, what?"

I mean, first of all -- these kids are supposed to be, like, 17 when the show starts, but they are drinking at every fancy bar and restaurant in NYC. They are buying liquor from liquor stores. Why is no one carding these children? Also, in what high school were people this good looking? No one has braces or frizz, but that's far from the least realistic part of the show. (The most unrealistic part of the show was obviously their school uniform, because what even was that dress code? Was it just, "Hey kids, dress vaguely preppy. Whatever.")

It was a cheesy, overdramatic explosion of self-indulgent teenage television entertainment and I loved every single minute of it. Remember when Nate had an affair with a DUCHESS? Remember the threesome with HILARY DUFF? Remember this song that was playing when Blair lost it to Chuck in the back of the limo? Also, "Gossip Girl" is notable for managing one of the WORST series finale reveals of all time. If you don't know Gossip Girl's secret identity yet, I won't spoil it for you, but don't get your hopes up. It's SO stupid.

Besides the cheese and drama, the best part of "Gossip Girl" was the fashion. As a middle-class kid who was basically raised inside of a rundown small town mall, "Gossip Girl" opened my eyes to a world of fashion I wasn't exposed to before. While Blair and Serena's designer and couture filled wardrobes weren't particularly realistic to me, I still took a lot of inspiration from them.

Maybe it's because people kept comparing me to her or because I'm actually a total bitch, but I've always related to and loved Blair most of all. Blair's preppy yet sexy and sophisticated style was a perfect contrast to frenemy Serena's more bohemian, sexpot looks. I loved Blair's affinity for pencil skirts and blouses, and of course -- headbands.

I picked up this Armani Exchange shirt dress at a Buffalo Exchange last week. After buying it, I realized I probably loved it for its vaguely Blair-esque vibes. The ruffles and high neckline are very Blair. Paired with tights, heels, and a headband, this look would be complete. (Sorry, it's August and I'm in Florida. I don't have any tights with me.)

So I decided to make Blair my look for fall. I've been inspired by her for a long time, but I've never really gone for it, you know? All that changes now. From here on out, I'm channeling Miss Waldorf in all I say or do, so don't mess with me.

Let's talk Blair style, shall we?


Headbands are Blair's signature, for sure, but they're also really practical for me right now as I begin, once again, the difficult process of growing out my bangs. Headbands look great with long and short hair, whether you wear it up or down. Headbands are great, and I'll wear them forever, no matter what Dan Humphrey says!

Here are some headbands you might enjoy.

A Cloche Hat

Blair Waldorf would NEVER rock dirty hair, but I am guilty of it occasionally. (Sorry, I don't have a Dorota to clean my house and take care of my business like Blair does. I'm BUSY.) When my hair is just not happening, I rely on hats. Blair's favorite style of hat is by far the cloche, which is such a classic go-to. Its face-framing style is extremely flattering, and it instantly classes up nearly any ensemble. Need some inspiration?

Ruffles, Bows & High Necklines

Blair wasn’t exactly the most chaste of high schoolers, but her blouses coulda had you fooled, especially in the earlier seasons. Blair loved a good high neckline and a button up top. Collars and buttoned-up tops look good on nearly everyone, because they frame your face. A good neckline can even play up your bone structure.

Ruffles and bows are decidedly girly details. When paired with a smart ensemble, though, they aren’t overly twee or cloying. Rather, they add texture and interest to what otherwise may be a boring, one-dimensional outfit.


Blair definitely knew how to rep lace like a grownup. When worn in sophisticated colors and shapes, lace is anything but childlike. Whether it's a small lace accent or a full lace dress, Blair doesn't shy away.

Thinking about Blair's signature items is fun but sometimes I just really want to literally recreate her looks. Remember the cute black lace dress she wore in the first episode? Gimme.

Or maybe you want to wear one of her many school "uniform" looks. This is a perfect look for work.

Blair really had a way of wearing ALL the colors without looking like an idiot. It's probably because she's pretty and skinny and on television, but I like to imagine we can all channel this goodness.

Speaking of Blair's outfits, did y'all know about this site Pradux where you can literally shop the looks straight from your favorite shows? I've been wasting a LOT of time on that site, perusing Blair's outfits by episode.

OK, my Blair obsession is obviously vast and neverending. Here's just a couple more looks, because I'M HAVING A LOT OF FUN DOING THIS AND I NEED FUN STUFF RIGHT NOW.

Alright, that's enough now. Let me know your feelings on "Gossip Girl" and Blair Waldorf. Are you a Blair or Serena? I bet you're TOTALLY a Jenny, aren't you? Ugh! Get outta here! Okay, Upper East Siders, fill the comments with your favorite GG outfits, moments, and quotes.