OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: It's A Black And White Party!

We celebrated the rainbow last week, but now it's time to go monochromatic, baby.
Publish date:
November 29, 2015
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Earlier this week, I received an invitation to a party that stated a strict dress code of black and white ONLY.

The party was for Saks Fifth Avenue, which has headed north to open their luxe department stores here in Canada. For the evening, they collaborated with English artist Shantell Martin, whose bold black-and-white doodle style took over the space, floor to ceiling, to create an amazing monochromatic landscape.

While the dress code may have seemed stuffy on paper, it was amazing to see it come to life in the party space. Guests made Shantell's work appear to come alive, and I totally reveled in the photo ops.

Have you ever been to a party with a specific dress code or theme? I'm kind of obsessed with theme parties — I threw an 18th century-themed one in high school, but trying to get a cluster of teens to dress like Marie Antoinette wasn't an easy task. I feel like people are either incredibly game for theme parties (and are typically the people who go all out for Halloween), or there are folks who simply don't care (and end up dressing up last minute as a cat.) I definitely get along better with the former.

While you scrounge up your stories and photos re: dress codes and theme parties, let's look back on last week's outfit snaps for a moment, shall we?

I loved popreverie's outfit A LOT. The hot pink moto jacket, button front skirt (can't get enough of those), and the fun collar on her shirt all came together for a lovely ensemble.

I also really dug ThatSwedishGal's outfit, particularly that fur-trimmed jacket.

Now, I know it's a big holiday weekend in America right now, but I hope those of you there all manage to get some outfit shots to share, and from the rest of you, I expect the same!