Whatever, I'm gonna make this bike helmet look cute.
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August 7, 2015
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After years of it collecting dust at my parents' house, I've finally brought my bike to live with me in the city, allowing it to be my trusty vehicle for puttering around. It's a darn cute bike, a cherry red Schwinn cruiser, and I love riding it.

My only issue is how dangerous an activity riding it can be. Between the roughed-up, pothole ridden streets of Toronto and the madman swerving drivers, I'm a little nervous whenever I get to peddling.

While I see plenty of cyclists out and about with their heads uncovered (and some of them even sporting massive, sound-isolating headphones!) I choose to keep my noggin safe and sound for fear that, if I take a topple, my brains might scramble on the sidewalk like someone's brunch eggs. Not a pretty picture.

So, my outfits this week have been largely featuring my helmet, and a shift in how I dress when I'm on the road. My low-heeled sandals feel weirdly unsafe (will they properly grip my pedals?) so I've resorted to loafers, and my miniskirts are out of the question unless I plan on giving every driver with a rearview mirror a free show. This helmet, though, I feel is temporary. I'd like to switch to something a little simpler and cover it in some stickers, maybe, because I'm a toddler.

Now, let's move away from my dorky ass and check out you guys, you groovy group.

I am so incredibly impressed with Julia's self-made, retro-style bikini. My own sewing skills are severely out of practice and such, lacking, but this ingenuity has me feeling I've got to get back into the stitchin' and sewin' game, stat.

korolevaK also shone in her elegant patterned shift dress and patent nude heels. What a cutie.

As always, I want to see what you've been wearing this week. And please share your helmet selfies, too, and we can applaud each other for our safety precautions!