I LIke Big CUFFS! Also, Rihanna Won't Stop Copying Me

Rihanna has been stealing my look since 2007. It started with hair, but lately it’s gotten worse. You think I’m joking?
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August 10, 2012
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Rihanna has been stealing my look since 2007. It started with hair, but lately it’s gotten worse. You think I’m joking?

All throughout college, I couldn’t help but notice that every time I’d do something stupid to my hair, Rihanna would be rocking the same hairstyle a week or two later. I dye it black and shaved the sides? OH LOOK. Rih did the same thing. I dye it red? SURPRISE. Rihanna is sporting mermaid fire engine realness too. Ugh, I just couldn’t win with this girl!

This spring, when I was debating going blonde for no reason, homegirl beat me to the punch. When she first stepped out with her (albeit amazing) platinum blonde with a punk rock root, I was gutted.

“WILL YOU STOP AT NOTHING?!” I screamed at her visage, smirking coyly at me from my laptop.

It gets worse. I hate hats, but every Spring, I buy a hat and I’m not sure why. This season, I chose a white snapback from BOY London. You’ll never guess who copped one right after I did.

Then, I spotted this nasty great pair of sunglasses by Henry Holland for LeSpecs. I was elated in my find because it was a great frame from a company that’s not totally mainstream. I’ll give you one guess as to who was shot wearing them two weeks later.

Get off my dick, Rihanna.

Well now it’s my turn to jock on her style. This spring, Rihanna covered the April issue of ELLE France rocking these Balmain cuffs.

Would you LOOK at those? I’ve been salivating over them all summer. Someone fan me as I write this.

Cuffs are one of my favorite types of wrist wear because they’re versatile, which is key for any good accessory. They’re always bold, but they don’t have to be over the top. You can dress them up with a maxi for a breezy summer evening, a cocktail dress or your favorite LBD for a night out, or play it super casual with a denim jacket and a pair of beat up shorts. It’s up to you, a girl’s got options!

I think everyone should own a cuff as a statement piece. Go big! Why not? Don’t be afraid to invest either. Since a cuff is versatile, you’re going to get a lot of wear out of it. Just be careful because these babies are heavy duty.

From fall to spring, I was wearing a Cartier Love Bracelet that I was absolutely infatuated with. I felt like the epitome of elegance with this simple little piece, which of course, I was. It’s just a little bangle that screws onto your wrist that you can’t remove without a screwdriver. Is there anything chicer? I think not.

But do you know how many ways you can injure someone with a Love Bracelet? A LOT of ways. And I found all of them. It’s not a big piece, but the metal is just thick enough with just a sharp enough corner to scratch, cut, and bruise anyone it happens to make contact with. Not to mention pulling out body hairs where the two parts of the bracelet screw together.

“TYNAN,” my boyfriend would hiss after a repeat offense, “I WISH you would take that thing off. You keep on hurting me with it!”

“BABE,” I’d howl back in an overly emotional self-righteous fury, “I’M SORRY I’m ripping out your DICK HAIRS every other day but I LOVE THIS BRACELET. IT BRINGS ME JOY OKAY?!”

I am not easy to date.

Anyway, big cuffs.

I’ve found a few big options without a big price tag. Let’s start (relatively) small and work our way bigger. The first piece is one of my absolute favorites, and it just so happens to be the smallest, though it is still large. You just wait.

The Tori Burch Resin Logo Cuff

I don’t love companies that slap their logo over everything, but I DO love this cuff. Big, thick, and tortoise. I’m going to give Tori a pass for the big logo this time around because it’s embossed, making it a bit more understated. I am dying to snag two of these and rock the double cuff look like Rihanna did. How sick would you look wearing one of these on each wrist paired with a chambray top?

Just Acces Boje Cuff

Next, something a little more abstract. The Boje Cuff from Just Acces in black. I looove this because I love any metal that diverts from the usual silver and gold, snore. This cuff gives me a little bit of a "Nightmare Before Christmas" feel, with uneven metal bands. It’s a little disorganized and chaotic, just like me! The more I look at it, the more I like it.


Aren’t these names super fun? I think that with the detailing on the silver and the stones, this is the closest we’re going come to the ones Rihanna was wearing. Would you look at the detailing on the silver? Gorgeous. And then of course, the main event, the lapis stones adorning the top and sides. I would snatch this cuff up in a heartbeat because the design is timeless and will look just as good years down the road as it will look this weekend. And if you’re looking for a look that’s totally extra, throw caution to the wind and grab two of them. Everything’s better in pairs.

Pink Agate Cuff Bracelet by Charles Albert

Does anyone remember that store in the mall called “Natural Wonders”? It was this store in the mall that sold nothing but like, rocks. I used to go in all the time when I was a kid. There were gems and minerals and rocks off all shapes and sizes. They were so pretty and fascinating and I didn’t know what you were supposed to do with them so I just wanted to put them all in my mouth (don’t).

Anyway, this cuff is a super-stylish version of all of the random stuff you’d find in there. Look at that slice of agate just hanging out on top of an otherwise unassuming cuff. Plus, this is a kind of different spin on the whole nude with neon fad that’s been happening lately, which I love.

Etched Gold Cuff Bracelet from Urban Outfitters

Serious question: How do you guys feel about yellow gold? I have never been a fan of it, but sometimes I see someone wearing it a certain way and I’m totally disarmed. My boss at MTV, for instance, who was simultaneously one of the most amazing and terrifying women I’d ever met. She wore this tiny gold chain with a small Van Cleef & Arpels-looking pendant and I was completely infatuated with it. Do you love? Do you hate? Tell me.

At just under a full six inches long, this cuff means business.

The ASOS Modern Armor Cuff in Green

I saved my (other) favorite for last. What could be cooler than this mint green?! It’s so cool and summery, I just want to take a bite out of it. Try thinking of it as a neutral and pairing it with many more options. Once you start breaking fashion “rules,” you’ll find you can get away with murder.

What are your favorite accessories? I’m obsessed with accessories so tell me. How do you feel about cuffs? Is there a celebrity that’s constantly stealing your style? Tell me everything. I love you.

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