How to Wear Your Sports Bra As Part of a Legitimate Outfit

The outfit that gets me out of bed and into the yoga studio is the same outfit that propels me to my desk, ready to tackle another article.
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November 17, 2014
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I’m one of those insufferable types of people who love working out and talk about it all the time. Never get stuck in an elevator with me and compliment my appendages --- you will regret it and want to evaporate because I can talk about Pilates until my lungs collapse. I’ve never been the type to work out to lose weight, I just genuinely enjoy challenging myself and staying healthy and zzzzzz. See? I wasn’t kidding. Super annoying.

I’m a huge proponent of workout-clothes-as-street-clothes for a confidence boost. Cute workout clothes always motivate me to exercise, and consequently provide initiative in other aspects of my life. The outfit that gets me out of bed and into the yoga studio is the same outfit that propels me to my desk, ready to tackle another article.

Keep in mind that when I’m talking about workout clothes, I’m not referring to baggy sweats and stained T-shirts. Those articles of clothing are reserved for sick days, or for when I feel like watching Netflix in bed while crying -- they never see the light of day. Instead, I’m visualizing the enviable outfits of girls like Adrianne Ho of Sweat the Style and Hannah Bronfman of HBfit.

Americans have a horrific reputation for sloppy dressing, and I wish upon every shooting star that the bad habit would end. Obsessing over what others think about your wardrobe choices is unhealthy, but so is completely disregarding how you present yourself to the world. It feels good to look good! This is also probably an appropriate time to mention that a great sports bra can change your life. Yeah, you look a little flat chested, but you also don’t have to worry about your boobs bouncing around and having a party in your shirt. Holy freedom. Sports bras can also spice up your typical cold-weather uniform if it’s getting a little stale.

There are multiple ways to wear your sports bra as part of a legitimate outfit. I was particularly inspired by Open House Collective cofounder Camilla Mayer’s style in these images for a Refinery 29 slideshow. Her athletic edge turned me into a literal hearts-for-eyes emoji -- I love the idea of a sports bra as a crop top alternative. Now, midriffs are definitely an acquired taste. Fortunately, you can still play with this style in a more conservative way by playing bra peekaboo.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

It’s time to talk about brands. Both of the boob-slings I’m wearing in these photos are from Nike. I have medium sized boobs and find that this brand gives a comfortable amount of support without being too constricting. Macy’s has really great Nike sales periodically; I bought these for 20% off when the exact same styles were being sold at Lady Foot Locker for the same price! #Blessed.

Lululemon bras have the most decorative and original straps, but are way too expensive for their fabric quality in my opinion. If I’m going to pay over $30 for a bra, I would prefer that it’s a thicker synthetic blend, resistant to pilling or fading. (Workout clothes see the inside of a washer and dryer more than any other apparel item).

If you’re working with a tighter budget or simply don’t think sports bras are worth a huge investment, check out TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They have cornucopias of stylish athletic wear at broke college kid prices.

So, I want to know -- would you guys wear any of these looks? Does anyone else enjoy wearing workout gear for purely aesthetic reasons?