I Think Everyone Needs a Pair of Boyfriend Shorts This Summer

I’m usually a short-shorts kind of girl, but this summer I’m taking things to new lengths.
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June 13, 2014
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I’m going to be totally honest with you guys: I’m not afraid to show a lot of skin. It might be because I’ve literally never seen my mom wear something that hits below the knee, or because I grew up feeling really short, and always wanted to make up for it with short hemlines.

I think the root cause though, is confidence. I used to be scared to break the “rules,” by revealing too much and embarrassing myself, but since I moved to Toronto I’ve pushed all that aside. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for an outfit to show my bra, or even on occasion, my nipples (what? They’re just nipples!). And when it comes to shorts and skirts, I’m totally comfortable showing off a little more leg than most.

With a whole army of bum-grazing short-shorts in my summer wardrobe, I always get a great leg tan in the summer, but showing that much leg daily has its downfalls, too. Men, for one, seem to be really intensely into shorts (way more than dresses), and my super tiny pieces attract creepy attention sometimes. Dirty seats in cars and on public transit take on a whole new level of grossness, and don’t even get me started on hot leather seats in vehicles that have been sitting in the sun. Finally, there’s cycling -- trust me, riding a bike with a sporty saddle in short-shorts leads to the most horrible wedgies possible.

Though I won’t be giving up my booty shorts anytime soon, I have found a new style of shorts that I love almost as much. They’re new, they’re exciting, and they’re not a piece I ever imagined myself wearing, nevermind declaring a staple. They’re my new boyfriend shorts, and I absolutely love them.

OK so a little background info here before we get into outfit idea. I have never been one to dress for comfort, ever, for fear that I’d end up looking like a lazy slob. My opinion on “boyfriend” fashion has always been that it is best for bedtime and chores at home, not for real life out in public. Recently though, I started following Taylor Sterling on Instagram, the queen of beachy boyfriend chic, and I found myself craving some distressed, baggy denim of my own. I turned to my favourite made-in-the-U.S.A. California girl brand, Wildfox Couture, and scooped up a pair of Bijoux boyfriend shorts to try out.

Can I just start by saying I am so not against comfort anymore? These shorts are loose, soft as butter, and they don’t ride up or chafe. I can wear them on my bike and the subway no problem, and though they’re great for hanging out around the house and gardening, they also look great with everyday outfits too. The best part? The mid-thigh length gives a little bit more coverage, which means they’re way more wearable and comfortable for women of all shapes and sizes, and they’re universally flattering, too. Not sold yet? Let me show you some of my favourite boyfriend short looks.

Beachy and Fun

When I die, you'll have to pry this Wildfox palm tree sweater off of my cold dead body. It's seriously one of the best things I have ever bought, and it takes all of my willpower not to wear it everyday and sleep in it every night. Plus, when paired with jelly shoes, a tote, and boyfriend shorts, it looks so darn beachy!

Chic and Put Together

You can never go wrong with mixing black textures if you're aiming for chic, and boyfriend short outfits are no exception. A simple black silky shirt with black heels and a black belt is simple, but elegant and stylish too!

Casual and Cute

Stripes and loafers are sort of my go-to pairing year-round, and I love them with my new boyfriend shorts (it's nautical, but not too nautical, right?) Paired with a classy crepe blazer, or a drapey cardigan, this look can also work for chilly summer evenings.

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What's your short style? Would you wear a pair of longer, looser shorts? Or are you all short shorts all the time?