Beaded Jewelry: Pretty Much The Best Summer Accessory

Because what other kind of jewelry are you going to wear in the summer? Gold and silver??? (Yeah, actually, me too.)
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June 7, 2011
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During the aforementioned convertible ride through the Smoky Mountains last weekend (did I mention I went to Dollywood?), I bought a cool souvenir. I'm not talking about the Dollywood mug that says "Doreen," though I definitely did buy that, but a beaded Native American bracelet from Cherokee, North Carolina--a town smack dab in the middle of the Smokies.

The black bracelet above is from Cherokee, and the next day I paired it with a blue bracelet from Tanzania, a gift from my friend Chris. (The chipped nail polish, by the way, is Essie Geranium. Not that you asked.)

Like clockwork, Memorial Day had passed and I found myself in the throes of an infatutation with beaded jewelery. I go through this every summer--I'm guessing because it's lightweight and doesn't stick to my skin. If you've been reading any of my posts, you know I hate extreme heat. (Trust me, I could talk about weather all day. Some call it boring; I say it's inspiring.) And there's a reason beaded jewelry is made in the hottest parts of the world. Furthermore, think about it: does beaded jewelry look good with big sweaters? I rest my case.

My favorite summer earrings to this day are a pair I bought in New Orleans 10 years ago.

So while I'm still feeling it, I had interns Samantha, Monica, Madeline and I (yes, sometimes it takes a village) pull together some looks you might want to snatch up fast.

For starters, look at you, Forever 21! Really hitting it home in the beaded department!

Native Flair Beaded Necklace, Forever 21, $7.80

Layered Island Necklace, Forever 21, $7.80

God, I love a good pair of beaded earrings. Simply put, they're sexy. Etsy has many like these.

Etsy, $13.50

This one's very Native-American-Meets-Digital-Age:

Julie Rofman Trinidad Beaded Cuff, $138.60

This necklace is girly without being saccharine. I hate girly-saccharine, but I definitely do not hate this necklace.

Madewell Enamel Beaded Statement Necklace, $68

You could keep this very traditional necklace from looking too costume-y if you paired it with a surprising or simple outfit. I'm thinking jeans and a white T-shirt or button-down.

Necklace, Etsy $60

So by slapping beads on top of not one, but two metal rings, this piece breaks all my rules. But I never claimed to be consistent -- especially in the name of beads.

Beaded two-finger ring, BCBG, $58