But I still don't approve.

Remember when Cat asked me to find her a new pair of ballet flats and I picked out booties instead? Well I sort of thought she'd forgotten about the whole thing, especially after she bought those Givenchy shoes that she's been wearing so much lately. Until then I saw this...

Yesterday I ran around in the (a-hard) rain getting wet in a fur coat and filthy ballet slippers with holes in the bottom to buy Theraflu. See, these are the only “flats” I have, and Julie won’t do the flats story that I keep ordering her to do. But whatever, I’ll find a new pair myself.

No, she hasn't kicked the habit, and it's worse than before. Just the thought of holey soles makes me want to mist myself with Burt's Bees antibacterial spray, bleghh!

I'm still bored of ballet slippers, and don't see why anyone would want to walk around at their natural height. Even my sexy 6 foot 5 friend wears heels! Not to mention it's far too cold in New York City for this sort of footwear.

But if Cat insists on wearing flats, I'd prefer if they weren't all broken-down and unprotective. Germs aren't swag! So I've found her a few new options.

Here, Cat:

Topshop Vegas High Vamp Ballet Pump, $36: If Topshop had called these "brunch in Connecticut" they'd be an entirely different shoe, but "Vegas High Vamp" I'm totally into. The black satin is like trashy lingerie for your feet, while the full coverage upper says "Eff toe-cleavage!"

Chloe Leather Ballet Flat, $263: These give a nod to that really sinister ballet movie, "The Red Shoes." Obviously the price is a little luxe, but they'll actually last for a few seasons and that's a savings. Or have someone else get them for you. Whatever, it's the holidays.

Touch Ups Ballet Flats, $45: Clearly these dyeable slippers are for that bridesmaid who doesn't do heels. But Cat should totally buy a pair so her graffiti boys can write all over them like her Balenciaga bag, right?

Alright, what do we think? I know my favorite, but I want to hear yours. Oh and what sort of shoes does your boss wear? Let's talk it out.

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