A Backpack With Wings

Because you're already flying on your bike.
Publish date:
June 24, 2011
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Push Button White Wing Backpack $229, Pixie Market.

I ran across this ruffled backpack on Pixie Market last night while doing my nightly online crawls. At first I thought it was totally ridiculous–perhaps because they described it as a backpack "with wings," and let's face it, the only thing that I want with wings is a bucket of chicken.

But when I looked closer and saw that it was just ruffles, my whole outlook changed. I like it when a designer comes and takes a seemingly stale design and with one simple adjustment completely opens up the landscape for fun and new developments. The thick strap reminds me of those beautiful summer dresses from Chloe's spring 2006 collection that resulted in a million babydoll dresses and wooden wedges everywhere else. I would NEVER ever want a product to be "feminized" in order for me to wear it, but the girly touches in this backpack are great because they are grounded by a classic shape with minimal details.

It's the perfect practical accessory for all the women riding their bike around the city in their lightest summer dresses. But be warned, this will only make you an even bigger target for The Sartorialist's two-wheel obsessed lens.